DMitry: What is? Full tutorial from scratch!!!


In this post, you will learn what is Dmitry and how it works and why is the tool used and also I am not like other bloggers so, I will give a step by step command explanation of the deep magic information gathering tool.


What is DMitry

DMitry is an information-gathering tool, The tool is quite the same as the other information gathering tool we have already reached you.

The name DMITRY stands for “Deepmagic information gathering tool” The tool is written in c language and the tool is available in command based and also in GUI format.

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Where to download DMitry

dmitry author drinks beer

The tool was developed by J Greig and tool is an information-gathering tool that was written in c language and the initial release was in 2015. The author of the tool seems to be pretty much drunk and he’s also available on GitHub to go and check out there.


What all can the tool do

The tool can perform mostly information gathering kinds of stuff and I have mentioned some;

  1. Perform whois lookup.
  2. Retrieve possible uptime data, system and server data.
  3. SubDomain search on a target.
  4. E-Mail address search on a target.
  5. TCP Portscan on the host, but not much effective.


DMitry tool useful commands

I have mentioned the commands what I use the most and If you wanted to see more commands go to terminal and just type sudo dmitry –help

  • -o Save output only .txt form
  • -i Do a whois lookup, very useful
  • -w Perform a whois lookup on the domain name of a host
  • -n Retrieve information on a host
  • -s check for subdomains in a target
  • -e E-mail address serach
  • -p TCP port scanning, but not very much detailed showing

How to work with Dmitry

I have already made a video on it the tool and it’s just below click and learn how to use the tool from scratch or if you didn’t like my voice hang up here.

Example1: Whois

Firstly, let’s do a whois look scan of the IP address and hostname;

dmitry -iw

i – for whois lookup of IP address

w- for whois lookup hostname

doing -iw scan on dmitry

Example2: Netcraft

In example 2 we going to scan for and here is the command

dmitry -n
doing a dmitry scanning

Example3: Subdomain

Performing a subdomain search of the target

dmitry -s 
just doing a subdomain scan

Example4: Full scan

Let’s perform a full scan, ????

dmitry -winspo file.txt
smitry -winsep full scan


According to my the tool is perfectly doing the whois gathering but I didn’t like the port scanning and also the subdomain scanning. Hardly shows 100 subdomains not more than that. Wanna do a subdomain search go for the sublis3r


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