F-string in python

F-String in python, What it does | Python Bootcamp


In this post, you will learn what is the f-string doing and how does it work and also we will be seeing some example of F-string and if you are still confused. Below is the video format of the post, check it out ????????


What is F-string ????

The f-strings looks something like this, f and I am not kidding while working with the code we will learn how the f-strings works.

The f-strings helps to print out the result in a more meaningful format and converts or manipulates all different data types.

You may ask if float and int can be together using f-strings, Yes we can make it using the f-strings.

Example of F-String ❓

Below is few examples I came with.

Now, If I run this program we can see results similar to this ????????

The f-string

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