Botnet attacks in real life Botnet attacks in real life

Botnet Attack in real-world Examples


Botnet attack: In this post, you will learn the Top 5 Botnet Attacks in the real world. And I have already written a post on what is Bot. And Botnet and how they work to read about Botnet and Bot [Click here].

Top 5 Botnet Attacks in real-world

Let’s see a quick recap on what is Bot and Botnet. BOT Stands for “Build operator transfer“, Bots are generally designed to do an assigned task or repetitive task. Whereas bots together form Botnet.

Earth link spammer, 2000 Botnet attack

Wait, You may have already heard about the name Earth link. Earth link is the Internet service provider. In early 2000, Khan k smith did a botnet attack on almost 1.2 million computers. Khan smith used Earth link service without their knowledge. After the attack, A year later, he started to gather credit cards and sensitive data from the users. But he was sued 25Million in court and Earth link says Khan K Smith should at least got a profit of 3 Million using their Earth link service.

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Kraken 2008 Botnet Attack

The name is quite catchy, but the work the Kraken Botnet attack did is massive. I exactly don’t know how many users computers are affected by this attack. But it is said that it affected 10% of all Fortune companies, and it sends 6lakh spam emails every day, this is really a huge number. Then guess the number of infected computers involved in this attack.

Kraken Botnet


No Anti-malware could stop this attack and even with an updated Anti-malware, the attack couldn’t be stopped, and later the years passed and the Kraken botnet remains silent, at any time the attack can take place again.

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The 2014 Hong Kong Attack

This Botnet attack is directly related to political parties. In 2014 there was a massive political rally and the unknown cybercriminals decided to do a DDoS attack and this is one of the biggest DDoS attacks in history and still, we couldn’t find any motive behind this attack, but many accuse the Chinese government.

Mirami Botnet attack 2016

Mirami attack is also one of the biggest DDoS attack and almost take down 6lakh computer and their internet infrastructure. Specifically, this is targeted towards cybersecurity companies. The name Mirami is kept after the popular anime series.

The DDoS attack was very powerful because the speed was 1 TB per second and infected almost all IoT. The interesting part is the botnet attack carried out by college students.

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GitHub’s attack 2018

GitHub DDoS attack is one of the biggest cyberattacks recorded. The largest botnet attack at a speed above 1.23 TB has taken down the GitHub server for a few min. Still, the cyber analyst can’t find any motive behind this attack.

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