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In this post, you will learn about the input function in python and how does the input function works with other values and also I have given an example and on how to use the input function and below is the video format of the post. Check it out ????????


What is input function in python ????

The input() function allows the user to enter the input. In simple I can say input allows users to enter their value and let’s print that value you entered in the console.

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Let’s see some example on input function ????????

Below is some example of the input function ????

In this example, you could see input is added and just copy the code and paste in any IDE or compilers and look for the result ????????

The result will be something like this ????????

input function

How does the input function work

To explain the function I am going to use the default debugger,

Once click debug option you can see the whole code is highlighted like this, even if it is another IDE it highlights similarly like this. If you are using online compilers it may not work

input function

Below is the gif on how the input function works ????

I knew that from the gif you can’t understand anything. So, watch my youtube video on the input function.

Here are some example ????????

Just try with any online compiler or IDE and see that you are getting this below result and cheers see you in the next post.

And you can view the result in this URL, have any doubt check it out.

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