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In this post, you will learn what is debugging in python and how does it work and the history of debugging and you will also learn a debugging exercise and below is the video format of the post, check it out ????????


What is debugging in python ❓

In writing any codes ‘debugging’ term is popularly used to process locating and rectifying errors in a program. Python’s standard library contains a PDB module which is a set of utilities for debugging Python programs. The debugging functionality is defined in a PDB class.

In simple words, I can say every programmer makes mistakes and this debugger helps to rectify the mistakes we make. Yes, the debuggers act likely as AI ????

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History of code debugging

Early in the ’90s a guy was coding on a computer and suddenly a moth was trapped in the computer and this guy tried to run the code but shitty code didn’t run. It’s because of the moth and he takes the moth out also he wrote a report on this because if his boos say hey find another good lie.

Take a look at the below pic written by the person, and also below is a link to the history of debugging in detail ????????

Go here to learn more about debugging ????

Example of debugging

Below are few codes, just copy them into a compiler or IDE and debug the codes all the best ????

Let’s see where are the errors

Hope you found the error and now, let’s debug them using any IDE or compiler I am using

The result will be without any error like this ????????

debugging in python


So, be careful while coding everyone makes mistakes and don’t worry that we have got the debuggers.

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