introduction to metasploit

An Introduction to Metasploit | Lesson1

What is Metasploit?

The Metasploit is also called (MSF), MSF stands for meta sploit framework. The MSF has a collection of exploits.

Now, what is an exploit?

Exploits are a way of gaining access to a system through a security flaw and taking advantage of the flaw for their benefit.

The Metasploit doesn’t only contain exploits. The tool Metasploit has many features such as information gathering, port scanning, Vulnerability scanning and also exploiting.

The Metasploit is trying to be an all in one security tool. Most security professionals use Metasploit to exploit the flaw.

Initially, Metasploit has only the exploit but later on for the user to work easily Metasploit came up with the port scanning, Information gathering and there are much more features we will talk about in the upcoming classes.

Mestaploit Interface

About this Metasploit course

In this Metasploit course, you are going to learn along with me, This is going to be a full course of Metasploit, that by end of this Course you will be a pro in this tool.

About Me!

I am rick, If you have any doubt comment down below or our discord server and be free to follow me on Twitter.



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