Macchanger: Full tutorial from noob to pro


In this post, You will learn what is macchanger and how does it work and I am damn sure by end of the post you will be familiar with the tool.

Below is the video format of the post, Have any doubt comment down below or watch the video 👇🏾


What is Macchanger ❓

Macchanger is a kali inbuilt tool and using this tool we can change the mac address of the network and also we can generate a random mac address.

Frequently changing mac addresses will be is kind of obfuscation.


Features in macchanger

  1. set specific MAC address of a network interface
  2. set the MAC randomly
  3. sets a MAC of another vendor
  4. set another MAC of the same vendor
  5. set a MAC of the same kind (eg: wireless card)
  6. display a vendor MAC list (today, 6200 items) to choose from

How to install macchanger

To install macchanger you can just do apt-get install macchanger or you can do git clone of the repository

Useful commands in macchanger

-h, –help Print this help
-V, –version Print version and exit
-s, –show Print the MAC address and exit
-e, –ending Don’t change the vendor bytes
-a, –another Set random vendor MAC of the same kind
-A Set random vendor MAC of any kind
-p, –permanent Reset to original, permanent hardware MAC
-r, –random Set fully random MAC
-l, –list[=keyword] Print known vendors
-b, –bia Pretend to be a burned-in-address
-m, –mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX Set the MAC XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX


How to use macchanger

Just follow the below examples and I am sure by end of the post, You will be familiar using the tool.

Example1: To view macaddress

To view the mac address of any network we enter this command

macchanger -s eth0

-s: show

After -s we specify the network type to show the mac address.


Example2: Generating a random mac address

To generate a random mac address firstly we enter ifconfig eth0 down

Firstly, down the network then to generate a random mac address for the network enter this command.

sudo macchanger -r eth0


Example3: Set our own custom mac address

To set a custom mac address just enter –mac or -m

sudo macchanger –mac=00:01:02:03:04:05 eth0



According to my knowledge, macchanger is great we can also change the permanent mac address but I didn’t show it here maybe in another blogpost le me show you.

But changing permanent mac will lead to many problems.


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