nested if in python

Nested if statement in python | Full tutorial


In this post, you will learn what is nested if the statement is in python and there is no else or elif nested statement. You will learn some nested examples also and below is the video format of the post, check it out ????????


What is nested if statement ❓

You may have learned what is if and else statement and how does it work. If you don’t know about if / else statement [Click here]

Nesting more if and else statements inside the if statement is called the nested if statement.

I knew that you understood nothing.

Let’s see an example of if / else statement,

We could see that there is only one if statement and there will be only one possible if outcome. But if you want to add multiple if and else then we are using the nested if statements.

Which will be something like this ????????

In the above code you could see there are if and else statement continuing in a single If statement. And remember only if the If statements are correct the nested if and else will be taken action.

And you can write many nested if and else statements in python.

Examples in nested If statement ????????????


And wait, Below is a screenshot of how does the nested if statements works check it ????????

Nested if statement in python

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