Obedient Cat pico ctf

PicoCTF — Obedient Cat


The very first PicoCTF challenge we encounter involves an obedient cat. It’s a beginner-friendly task meant to show us how solving challenges in this competition works. Here’s what the challenge presents us with:

Overview Of the Challenge

The challenge informs us that the flag we seek is contained within a file, written plainly in text format. To retrieve the flag, we’re instructed to download the file and access its content.

One method involves right-clicking the file, opting to download it, and then opening it using a text editor to view its contents.

Alternatively, the hints suggest a different approach: using a terminal. By employing the ‘wget’ command to download the file and ‘cat’ command to display its content, we can also unveil the flag.


That solution reveals the flag: picoCTF{s4n1ty_v3r1f13d_f28ac910}. If you found this helpful, I’d be happy to check out your channel ❤️

Keeping up with new challenges and sharing solutions sounds like a great way to support the community.

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