Phonebook – Web Challenge HackTheBox | Walkthrough


Hi I’m Ajith ,We are going to complete the Phonebook – Web challenge in the hack the box, It’s a very easy challenge.

Connecting to the webpage

We must first connect the VPN to the hack the box and start the instance to get the IP address and copy the paste IP address into the will show login page of the phonebook

Finding Information

They provide some information of the login page “You can now login using the workstation username and password! -Reese”


They give the username, but we have to find the password ????

Creating Script

Using the python to create the script, So we need to install the package of requests

pip3 install requests

Then, we have to create the script for crack the password in the login page

Cracking password

This script randomly check the password in the website and found the flag in the website


It was the simple challenge for the beginner, I’m using a simple python script to complete this challenge. According to me it was very easy I’m giving the rate for this challenge is 2/10

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