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Today I will go through the easy level HTB machine 🙂


As usual two ports are open 22 & 80 .

Add pilgrimage.htb to /etc/hosts .



While using dirb I found .git directory which is forbidden, so I thought to use git-dumper to analyze the source code.

Here is the link for the git-dumper tool : https://github.com/arthaud/git-dumper

This is dump all the .git repository from the website 🙂

While analyzing the files I found two interesting things

Location of DB ????

and magick version


There is a simple web interface with file upload, login and register …..

After analyzing I found that there is CVE related to majick version .



Clone this repo and run this exploit

python3 CVE-2022-44268.py --image imagetopoison.png --file-to-read /etc/passwd --output poisoned.png

And it worked perfectly fine.

Now upload the poisoned image.

Image uploaded successfully. Now copy the uploaded image url

Finally it worked. Now we have to read /var/db/pilgrimage that we found in our source code.

We have to make changes in script .

You will get this type of output

Just put it in a file .

After that

cat dump.sql| xxd -r -p - > sqlite.dump

Now analyze it with sqlite3 cmdline

You will get ssh pass for emily.



SSH Pass


After running pspy I found

After analyzing the .sh script I checked the binwalk version

And it was vulnerable to CVE-2022-4510


After this you will get binwalk_exploit.png ………. copy it to /var/www/pilgrimage.htb/shrunk dir

And don’t forget to start a listener 🙂

And Boom you will get the shell as root .

This was very easy machine.

Hope you enjoyed the writeup.


Overall this is a good machine . I would like to rate 5/10 compared to easy level.

Jai Shree Krishna ❤️

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