part 8 linux commands

Basic Linux Commands for Hackers | Part 8


In the previous post, You must have learned about some of the basic commands related to process management. In this post let’s learn about scripting.

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Let’s start ????

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Your First Bash Script

To begin, you must inform your operating system of the script interpreter you intend to employ. To do this, add a shebang, which is a hash mark and an exclamation point together, like in the example below:


And then after the shebang we need to enter /bin/bash telling your OS to use bash shell interpreter.

#! /bin/bash

Now lets just enter a echo command with a comment and give the file execute permission.

#! /bin/bash
echo "Hello, Techyrick"

Now enter chmod 777 and the file name to give execute permission and run the file.


Scanner using Script

Let’s create a script to scan for HTTP ports alone. Or if we want add scan for the full port we can specify that too.

#! /bin/bash
#This script is designed to find hosts with http installed
nmap -p 0-65535 > result.txt


Guess that’s it for part 8 see you in the next part. Hope you like it ❤️

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