MAC address: Change MAC address in Linux properly!!!


In this post, you will learn what is MAC address standing for and how to change MAC address in a proper way and also In addition you will learn how to change the IPV4 address, subnet address and also the broadcast address.


What is MAC address?

MAC address stands for “Media Access Control” address. This means the MAC address is permanent for the device physically. If one should change the MAC address of any device permanently then should request the ISP you are using.

Without the ISP (Internet service provider) Knowledge, no one could change the media access control address but we could do it temporarily. Once a session is finished again the Media access control address changes to the default one assigned for it!!!

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How to change MAC address?

Follow the steps carefully, Let’s see

  1. Open your Kali machine > open terminator > type ifconfig
ifconfig command MAC address

2. Enter, ifconfig eth0 down

3. Now enter, ifconfig eth0 ether 00:01:02:03:04:05

The media access control address should always start with 00 and then add : (colon) in between and you can also alphabets

Enter new MAC address

4. Now, enter ifconfig to check the new MAC is updated

New MAC address generated

How to change the IP and netmask and also broadcast address?

  1. To change IP adddress and netmask along with brodcast just enter the folloing command after the ifconfig command
IP address , netmask , brodcast

2. Now enter ifconfig to check the IPV4 , netmask, broadcast address

Changed IP address, netmask, brodcast

I have entered 255 numbers you could enter any number below 255 and equal to 255 and the octet can have 255 only.


Don’s change the MAControl addres’s without making this command ifconfig eth0 down , If you didn’t enter the command and start with the second command then there is a chance for the users to get the media access control addres’s permanently changed and again the users should call the shity ISP and request for the old media access control address.

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