The three ways to do password cracking

Three different ways to do password cracking


In this post, you will learn the three different types of password cracking methods. And I have already written a post about password cracking tools such as john the ripper, THC hydra do check out. [Click here]

What is password craking?

Password cracking is the process of recovering passwords from the memory of the data. Password cracking is done in a good and also in a bad approach. Some passwords are cracked by guess and some are cracked by hash.

Password crackings is not much effective because Kaspersky says it takes more than a decade to crack a powerful password. And the system should run 24/7 times.

So, password cracking’s is a lame step, But if the password’s cracker has done some passive recon process then the password cracking will be effective.

password cracking ways

In simple words which doing passive recon, the attacker knows very well about the target and also can do a brute-force attack. So, if the attacker has done a passive recon then password cracking is a good option.

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Three ways to do password cracking

  1. brute force attack
  2. dictionary attack
  3. rainbow crack

Brute force – password cracking

A brute force attack uses trial and error method, let’s see an quick example of brute force.

Example: Let’s assume that you know about your friend very well and in this case your going to crack your friends password. As you know about your friend you can give a trial and error method by entering the favorite thing he/she like. Suppose your friend is a fan of breaking bad and you assume it will be your friend name and the characters in the movie and if the password combination works then it is brute force attack.

Dictionary attack

This dictionary attack is very lame because there will be set of passwords and we should run the passwords list and if the exact password matches with the hash then the password is cracked. This method takes even decade to crack a 8 digit complex passwords.

Rainbow cracking

The rainbow cracking was developed by  Zhu Shuanglei. In this attack the rainbow table is generated and the cracking time is reduced effectively compared to bruteforce attack. The ophcrack tool uses rainbo cracking method and that’s the reason still ophcrack is alive.

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