what is antimalware

What is Antimalware? How does Anti-Malware detect Malware?

What is Anti-Malware?

Anti-Malware is a type of software created to protect users computers from Malicious software or malware. Generally, Antimalware scans the computer and detect and remove malware.

Let’s see how Anti-Malware detects Malware.


How Anti-Malware detects types of Malware – Antimalware

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How Anti-Malware detects Adware

Generally, Anti Malware detects Adware Malware using the Signature-based detection method. To catch Adware, the security professionals flag the Malware in the Virus database. So, whenever the malware is found on the user’s computer, the Malware will be detected automatically.

How Anti-Malware detects Bots

The Anti Malware analyze the behaviour of the infected computer, If any repeated action takes place the anti-malware blocks the program. To stop bots on websites, users take the help of a captcha service.

How Anti-Malware detects Ransomware

To catch Ransomware Malware, Anti-maskers uses the behaviour Analysis method. The security software uses sandbox technology. Sandbox technology creates a virtual and a controlled environment so, the sandbox technology can analyze the behaviour of malware and if they match with Ransomware malware, then it detects them.

How Anti-Malware detects Rootkits

It is very difficult for traditional Anti-Virus to catch Rootkits. To detect Rootkits, Anti-Malware uses both signature database and behaviour analysis methods. Patching the loopholes and continuous updates will stop Rootkits Malware Attacks.

How Anti-Malware detects Spyware

To detect spyware, the Anti-Malware uses both signature and behaviour analysis methods. Also, Anti-Malware monitors Internet connections if they find any spyware they would be detected before entering the user’s computer.

How Anti-Malware detects Trojan or Trojan Horse

To detect Trojan or Trojan Horse, Anti-Malware uses Heuristic Analysis and Sandbox technology to detect Trojan Malware. If a Program takes a suspicious action, then the program is generally executed in a Virtual Environment.

How Anti-Malware detects Virus – Antimalware

Generally, Antimalware uses Signature-based technology to detect Viruses. However, if it is a complex virus, then Antimalware also uses Behavior Analysis.

How Anti-Malware detects Worms – Antimalware

Anti-Malware makes both signature database and behaviour analysis methods to find and detect worms. Antimalware also monitors networks because the worms usually spread through Internet.

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