What is a Malware? Most Common type of Malware

What is a Malware?

Malware stands for Malicious software. Malware is created by cybercriminals to harm users computers. Generally, Malwares are created to damage or disrupt users data, Where some malware are created to gain financial help.


Types of Malware

Let’s see a brief Explanation about Malware types;

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Adware are created to server advertisements on users’ computer. While browsing, you should have seen pop-ups, display ads and Browser redirects. These Ads promote Malicious and fraudulent products which do not exist, If you click on the Ads it will redirect somewhere else or the person who created the Ads should have started to track you.

The Malware creator gain revenue based on Ad Views and Ad Clicks. Usually, Adware records users activity and also act as a spying ware virus. Once spyware is installed on your computer, your device becomes a soft target for Hackers, Phishers and scammers.

So, I recommend my readers to use a brave browser where they can turn off the Ads, Even YouTube Ads will not work.


Bot or Botnets are created to perform a series of actions automatically. A bot is a computer that is infected by malware and controlled remotely by hackers. Generally, bots are used to perform a DDoS Attack to gain access to a single server or multiple servers. It can also be used to render and click on Ads Automatically, where the Ad creators earn from Ad clicks.

Bots are responsible for spreading types of Malware. Bots are also used for other useful purposes like indexing websites for better search results.


Ransomware encrypts users personal or confidential data with strong Encryption. In other words, Ransomware blocks access to your personnel file or confidential files and demands for Ransom to decrypt the file. It is almost impossible to decrypt a file without the correct password. Generally, the demand for payment will be in crypto-currencies where the security officers will not be able to trace the criminals.


Rootkits are created to gain remote access to users data. This virus can’t be detected once it is injected. With Rootkits the Hacker can remotely access files or modify system settings and the hacker can also install another deadly Virus.


Spying ware or spyware is created and spread to track users activities without knowing their knowledge and that’s why we call this Virus spying ware. Spyware actively monitors your browsing history, search history, bank login details credit card details and Keylogger. Keylogger is another type of malware that collects users keystrokes.

Trojan Horse

Trojan or Trojan Horse these viruses are created and sent to users as a normal file, Once the file enters the user’s computer it starts to give remote access to the hacker.

These Viruses are very similar to worms, they need a host to work.


The Virus is a type of malware, which can clone itself multiple times and start spreading to the connected devices. Suppose there is a virus in your system unless you execute the Virus, there will be no action taken. The virus can delete files or corrupt files and make the system unusable.

Worms – Malware

Worms are very similar to viruses, Where viruses needed to be executed manually, but worms are not. They execute on their own, once they are injected into a device. The worms could also have payloads that will destroy the computer files and corrupts them. It can spread on its own by exploiting system vulnerability. Worms are designed to overload the web servers and consume the bandwidth.

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