Static Malware Analysis Vs Dynamic Malware Analysis


In this post, You will learn what is static malware analysis and what is dynamic malware analysis.


What is Malware Analysis ❓

Analysis of malicious code or malware either in a static way or dynamic way is called malware analysis.

In simple words, Malware analysis is the process of analyzing the malware either by executing or not executing.

Is Malware Analysis Necessary ????

Yes, Malware analysis is very very much necessary in today’s world. If you don’t know why we need to analyze malware in a company or anywhere else… Let me explain

Why Malware Analysis

The malware analysis is studied or analyzed to stop the malware enter into the company system and after doing a detailed studied you should be able to block malicious IP and domain which is targeting you.

So, A detailed study on malware analysis can prevent the company from a dangerous threat.

Types of Malware Analysis

There are many different methods followed in the cybersecurity industry to analyze malware but as of today only two of them are at industry standard levels they are;

  1. Static Malware Analysis
  2. Dynamic Malware Analysis

Static Malware Analysis

In static analysis, the malware is not actually executed. Instead, the malware or malicious code is analysed by reading metadata.

In simple words, In static malware analysis, you will not be executing the program and find the signs of malicious intent by just reading the metadata of malicious code.

The static analysis is very much helpful to find malicious infrastructure, libraries, and packages.

In statics malware analysis the malware will be analyzed by Name, IP, Domain, Header Strings.

Sometimes tools like network sniffers are used to find Identify malicious signs actually we are not executing the program.

Dynamic Malware Analysis

In dynamic malware analysis, the malware or malicious code is executed to find any malicious sign.

In dynamic analysis, the malware will be executed in a safe environment called sandbox technology.

Dynamic malware analysis gives the threat hunter a detailed report about malware functionality.

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