Twofi: A custom password list generator | Updated 2024


In this post, you will learn what is twofi and also you will learn every command in the tool and below is the video format of the post, check it out 👇🏾

What is twofi❓

Twofi is a custom password list generator.

Custom word lists are very useful when trying to crack passwords. There are a lot of them in the dictionary. This idea was created to help users generate word lists based on the terms related to the list that is getting cracked.


How to download twofi tool

To download the tool in kali Linux or Linux machines just enter this below command

apt-get install twofi

To install the tool in GUI format for windows then click the link below

Download twofi version 2.0-beta
Download twofi version 1.0

Who developed the twofi tool

The tool was developed by ☝ Richard Ackroyd and also below is twitter link and his site link.

Useful commands in twofi tool

–help, -h: show help
–count, -c: include the count with the words
–config : config file, default is twofi.yml
–min_word_length, -m: minimum word length
–term_file, -T : a file containing a list of terms
–terms, -t: comma separated search terms
quote words containing spaces, no space after commas
–user_file, -U : a file containing a list of users
–users, -u: comma separated usernames
quote words containing spaces, no space after commas
–verbose, -v: verbose


How to use twofi tool

Just follow the below example and I am sure by end of the example you will be familiar with the tool, If you have got any doubt comment down below or watch the video I made on the tool.

Example1, Setting up the API key

To set the API key just move to this directory /etc/twofi/twofi.yml

Then, head over to this url and get your twitter API keys


Once, you found the API keys just paste in here and congratulations ????


Example2, Target a twitter account

Just enter the below command to scan the twitter account and get a custom password list.

twofi -m 6 -u @pentest > Twtterwordlist.txt

-m: minimum keyword

-u: Target

And finally I have saved the list in a file callled twtterwordlist.txt



In summary this is an awesome tool and I really love it but this tool dosen’t contains more features comparing to cewl or crunch tools.

Anyways, What is your opinion about the tool, Comment down below.


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