Unicorn Scan Full Tutorial From Noob to Pro


In this post, You will learn what is unicorn scan and how to use the tool and there will be a justification on the unicorn scan is faster than Nmap and masscan.

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What is Unicornscan ❓

Unicornscan is a new information gathering and correlation engine built for and by members of the security research and testing communities.

It was designed to provide an engine that is Scalable, Accurate, Flexible, and Efficient.

Basically the unicorn scan goes under the network mapping category.

In My personal experience unicornscan is faster than any of the network mapping tools, The tool is especially faster when you do an open port scan.


How to install unicornscan

In kali and Debian machines just do a sudo apt-get update and then enter sudo apt-get install unicornscan

Click the below download button to install the tool

How to use unicornscan

It is pretty much very easy to use the tool but the commands are difficult to remember. Ok, Let’s start our unicornscan tutorial.

Default scan

To the default scan just enter unicornscan and the domain name, The syntax will be something like this unicornscan <domain name or IP>

unicornscan google.com


We are performing TCP SYN scan on an whole network, All the live host will be seen from this command and we could also see the service and open port available.

unicornscan -msf -v -I

UDP Scan

Let’s perform an UDP scan.

unicornscan –mU –v –I

Open and Closed port scan

To scan for open and closed port just enter the below command

unicornscan -r30 -mT adaptercart.com

Scanning Multiple host

To scan for multiple host just enter the host IP or domain name by giving a space.

unicornscan google.com techyrick.com

Save result in .pcap

Saving the result in .pcap and importing the .pcap file on Wireshark or Tshark gives more information about the protocols and the OSI models.


To save the result in .pcap just enter -w command,

unicornscan -r300 -mU -w udpports.pcap


This is the best and fast tool for network mapping and there are only few options, Where we can’t easily identify the OS & Version of the target.

In my personal life I use this tool to just scan for all open and closed ports.

Hope you like the blog post ????


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