Wave a Flag picoCTF

picoCTF – Wave a Flag


Question: Can you invoke help flags for a tool or binary? This program has extraordinarily helpful information…

Files: warm

Overview & Solving

Approach: After downloading the file running the command

file warm

shows it as an executable file.

When we try to run using


It gives error. One of the reason might be that it does not have execution permission. To give permission enter

chmod +x warm

running again gives

Hello user! Pass me a -h to learn what I can do!

Finally running

./warm -h

returns the flag

Flag: picoCTF{b1scu1ts_4nd_gr4vy_6635aa47}

Another unconventional method involves utilizing the ‘strings’ command to extract all text strings from a file.

Next, these strings can be saved into a text file. Following this, the ‘gedit’ find option can be employed to search for the flag using the filter string ‘picoCTF{‘ since flags consistently commence with this sequence.

Thinking outside the box can occasionally streamline processes, yet success isn’t guaranteed in every instance.

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