Everything in Python is an Object Except these | Part 2


In this post, Let’s what all is not an object in python. Below is the video format of the post. Check it out ????????


What is an Object in Python ❓

A specific instance of a class is referred to as an object, which is a core concept in the Python language. A class is a description of the characteristics and actions of objects belonging to that class.

Take a good look at the below example of Object in python.

From the above example the class Car has the attribute brand and color.


What is not an Object in Python ????

The below I have mentioned are not a object in python.

KeywordsIn Python, reserved words with a particular function and meaning are known as keywords. Keywords include things like if, else, while, for, class, etc. Since keywords are not objects, they cannot be changed or assigned to variables.
OperatorsPython does not consider its operators to be objects, such as the arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /), comparison operators (==, >,, etc.), and logical operators (and, or, not). They lack any associated characteristics or methods since they are native features of the language.
Built-in functionsPython’s built-in functions, like print(), len(), type(), etc., are not considered objects. They are built-in Python predefined functions that are not connected to any particular object.
LiteralsLiterals are the literal representations of values in Python, such as integers, floating-point numbers, strings, and boolean values (True and False). They are not objects but rather the values themselves.

The are 33 keywords used in python. To see all of them you can use the below command to import that module.

import keyword


Hope you have learnt something new. If you do follow me on youtube. See you in part 3 guys.

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