basic linux command part 7

Basic Linux Commands for Hackers | Part 7


In the previous post, You must have learned about some of the basic commands related to permissions. In this post let’s learn about process-related commands.

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Let’s start ????

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Viewing Process

To view the system process we can simply type ps, A short form of process. This will display a minimal process running.


There is another command to view the PID and the services in depth it’s ps aux. To filter the services we can use the grep command.

ps aux
ps aux | grep <name>
  1. USER: The user who invoked the process
  2. PID: The process ID
  3. %CPU: The percent of CPU this process is using
  4. %MEM: The percent of memory this process is using
  5. COMMAND: The name of the command that started the process

The ps axn command helps to display the nice values.

Filtering by Process Name

Now, let’s filter the process by its name. Try the below command and check it out ????????

ps aux | grep msfconsole

Using Top

The top command helps us to display the greediest process.


Changing Nice Value

But what is a nice value, Nice value helps to prioritize a particular service. The value for nice ranges from -20 to +19

nice -n 10 /bin/slowprocess

Changing the Running Process Priority

We can changing a nice value of a running service.

renice 5 -p <PID>
renice 5 -p 11405

Killing Process

To kill process we have different SIGHUP they are;

kill -1 <PID>

Running Process in Background

To run a process in the background you can use the below command ????????

cherrytree newscript&


In this post, We have seen some of the basic process-related commands. Hope you like it. See you in the next post.

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