Cewl: Full tutorial from noob to pro | Updated 2024


In this post, you will learn what is cewl and how does it work and also below is the video format of the post, check it out 👇🏾


What is cewl ❓

Cewl stands for Custom Word List generator, In simple the tool is a password list generating tool and it is written in a ruby language and this tool just spiders the given URL.

Once the custom password list is generator then we can do password cracking using john the ripper.

Cewl can also create a set of email addresses from mailto links, these custom generated email addresses can be used to do brute-forcing.

And finally, the creator says the tool is “Cool”, Let’s see it is cool or not.


Who developed the cewl tool

The tool was developed by Joao Eriberto Mota Filho, A Brazilian guy and below is the Twitter id of the author and source code.

Usefull command in cewl tool

  • -h, –help: Show help
  • -k, –keep: Keep the downloaded file
  • -d <x>,–depth <x>: Depth to spider to, default 2.
  • -m, –min_word_length: Minimum word length, default 3
  • -o, –offsite: Let the spider visit other sites
  • -w, –write: Write the output to the file
  • -n, –no-words: Don’t output the wordlist
  • -e, –email: Include email addresses
  • -c, –count: Show the count for each word found
  • -v, –verbose: Verbose
  • –auth_type: Digest or basic.
  • –auth_user: Authentication username
  • –auth_pass: Authentication password
  • –proxy_host: Proxy host


How to use the cewl tool

Below are the all examples of the cewl tool and just follow the examples if you got struck just watch the video I made. And still, you got a doubt, comment down below and I am sure by end of the post, you will be familiar with using this tool.

Example1, Default password generating

For the default password generating, We are just entering command like this

Here the password list is generated based on the writings done in the target.

cewl http://techyrick.com/

Target: http://techyrick.com/


Example2, Save the password list

To save the password list in a directory and file just enter the -w command and mention the directory and file you wanna save the password list.

cewl http://techyrick.com/ -w /home/osboxes/filew.txt



Example3, Generating specific length wordlist

To generate a specific length wordlist, We are going to enter -m command to specify the number of characters in a password list.

cewl http://techyrick.com/ -m 9


Example4, Counting a particular number of words

To count a specific word, We are entering the -c command to count the number of specific keywords how often it has been repeated.

cewl http://techyrick.com/ -c



Example 5, Increasing depth of crawling rate

To do an in-depth password list generating just enter this command

cewl http://techyrick.com/ -d 3


Example 6, Verbose

Doing verbose for extra information

cewl http://techyrick.com/ -v


Example 7, Generating a Alpha numeric password list

To generate an alpha-numeric password the command is

cewl http://techyrick.com/ –with-numbers



This is one of my favourite tools, This is the best password list generating tool and this tool directly interacts with the target.


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