Crunch: A password generating tool | updated 2024


In this post, you will learn what is crunch and how does the tool works and also you will learn all the crunch examples and below is the video format of the post, Check it out 👇🏾


What is crunch❓

Crunch is a password list generating tool and it is one of my favourite tools, The wordlist is created through the strings and characters you enter.

This tool supports numbers and symbols, upper and lower case characters separately and Unicode.

Once you generated the password list you can save it in a text file. So, Later on, you can do brute force.


Who developed the crunch tool

This guy has developed the crunchs tool, A small credit from me and he is still active in GitHub and Twitter.

This tool is also available for windows users, WOW

For Linux users, this tool is pre-installed, if it is not installed then enter this command

apt-get install crunch

Useful commands in crunch tool

-b number: Specifies the size of the output file, only works if -o START is used, i.e.: 60MB

-c number: Specifies the number of lines to write to the output file, only works if -o START is used, i.e.: 60

-d number symbol: Limits the number of duplicate characters.

-e string: Specifies when crunchs should stop early

-i Inverts: the output so instead of aaa,aab,aac,aad, etc you get aaa,baa,caa,daa,aba,bba, etc

-o wordlist.txt: Specifies the file to write the output to, eg: wordlist.txt

-q filename.txt: Tells crunch to read filename.txt and permute what is read.

-r Tells crunch to resume generate words from where it left off.


How to use the crunch tool

Just follow the below example and I am sure by end of the example you will be very much familiar with the crunch tool.

Example1, Default wordlist generate

These commands will generate a dictionary that minimum contains 2 words and a maximum of 3 words and also I have given -o and specified the path to save.

crunch 2 3 -o /root/Desktop/0.txt

2: min character

3: Maximum character

-o: Output


There are many lists, where I can’t even show here.


Example2, Generating person name wordlist

To generate a person wordlist just enter the below command

crunch 2 3 moulik009@ -o /home/osboxes/mame.txt

2: min character

3: max character

moulik009@ is the name we are generating and also, you may notice that I have added the numbers and characters. You can also enter the numbers and characters.

-o: Output


You can add min and maximum numbers higher and higher.

Example3, Generating Alpha numeric list

Alphanumeric is nothing but generating numbers and words together. Like this 👇🏾

crunch 2 5 abc123 -o /home/osboxes/abc123.txt

2: minimum character to generate

5: maximum characters to generate

-o: output


Example4, Generating password list with spaces

To generate a password list with spaces we just enter / and which looks something like this

crunch 1 3 abc\ /root/Desktop/4.txt

1: Minimum character

3: Maximum characters

abc\ list to generate with space



Example5, Generating rainbow password list

To find the rainbow password list just go to this particular directory

cd /usr/share/rainbowcrack

cat charset.txt


So, I am going to generate this password list ascii-32-95

crunch 3 4 -f /usr/share/rainbowcrack/charset.txt ascii-32-95 -o /home/osboxes/rain.txt

3: Minimum character

4: Maximum character

-f: file location

-o: output


Example6, Saving the result in any compressed format

We can compress in different ways, for eg: gzip, bzip2, and 7z but before this you have to add -z

crunch 5 7 abc@123 –z gzip -o /home/osboxes/start123

5: Minimum character

7: Maximum character

-z: zip format

-o: Output



Crunch is an awesome password list generating tool and when this tool is combined with rainbow crack or list then this crunch tool is a beast and spams your systems with tons of passwords and even overloads your storage.


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