Dnsrecon: What is? Full tutorial from noob to pro [Updated 2024]


In this post, you will learn what is dnsrecon and how does the tool work and In additu=ion I have given extra information about the tool and I have also made a video of DNS recon to check it out 👇🏾.


What is dnsrecon?

Dnsrecon is an information-gathering tool widely used by the pentester and those who work in the red team and also by the hackers. The DNS recon stands for “Domain name service reconnaissance” So If you like my blog subscribe to our newsletter.

In simple, the DNS recon is used to gather DNS related information.

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Who developed dns recon tool

The tool was developed by Carlos Perez and many others contributed to GitHub and the author seems to be cool but is he? Check out his site if he is cool or not. Nor Iam cool ????

What all the the dnsrecon can do

  1. NS Records for Zone Transfers
  2. Informations like (MX, SOA, NS, A, AAAA, SPF and TXT)
  3. SRV record enumerations
  4. Brute Force subdomain
  5. Enumerate Common mDNS records in the Local Network Enumerate Hosts and Subdomains using Google


Very much useful commands for DNSrecon

  • -h, –help:  show this help message and exit
  • -d DOMAIN, –domain: Target domain
  • -n NS_SERVER, –name_server: Domain server to use.
  • -r RANGE, –range:  IP range for reverse lookup brute force in formats
  • -D DICTIONARY, –dictionary DICTIONARY: Dictionary file of subdomain and hostnames to use for Bruteforce
  • -f: Filter out of brute force domain-lookup
  • -t TYPE, –type TYPE  Type of enumeration to perform
  • –threads THREADS     Number of threads to use in reverse lookups
  • -v: Enable verbosely


How does the dnsrecon tool work?

Example1: Default scan

Doing a normal domain search gathers cert and normal information

dnsrecon -d techyrick.com
standard search

Example2: Bing scan

Let’s gather information from a specific search engine here let’s go with Yandex and bing

dnsrecon -b -y -d techyrick.com
specific search engine search

Example3: IP range

Doing a reverse lookup using IP ranges, ????

dnsrecon -d techyrick.com -r
dnsrecon reverse lookup

Example4: Brute force

Okay, get ready now we are doing DNS brute force attack ????

dnsrecon -d techyrick.com -D /usr/share/wordlists/metasploit/unix_passwords.txt -t brt -v
command of brute forcing using dnsrecon

Example5: Zonewalk

In an example, 5 let’s see how to perform a zone walking

dnsrecon -d example.com -t zonewalk
dnsrecon command

Example6: Save output

Finally, let’s see how to save the file ????

dnsrecon -d example.com -D /usr/share/wordlists/dnsmap.txt -t std --xml dnsrecon.xml
dnsrecon command


According to my knowledge, this is the best tool for DNS enumeration and we have already seen a DNS enum tool called dns enum which I am not satisfied with. So, compared to dnsenum tool DNS recon is best.


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