Goofile: What is? Tutorial from noob to pro


In this post, you will learn what is goofile and how does the tool works and also you will learn additional information about the tool and check out the video format of the post. Don’t like my voice comment down below wanna take with you guys…


What is goofile?

Goo-file is a pre-installed tool in kali Linux and using this tool you could gather information on the file type of the target. It’s is a very useful tool and also there is an alternative for this tool that is google.

Google may be the alternative but goo-file is the place to find all in one file type.

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Who developed the goofile tool

The tool is developed by Thomas Richards and this tool could also perform other search engine searches so, I have given the download from the GitLab and to download the tool in Debian based machines just enter sudo apt-get install goofile.

What all the goofile can do❓

The tool can just gather information of the target file type like pdf, word, excel and so on…. and you could find all the file type in one place that is goo-file.

Useful commands in goofile

  • -d: domain to search
  • -f: filetype
  • -q QUERY, –query: Only search for files with keyword


How to use goofile

Follow the steps carefully, If you have any doubt comment down below and I will clear your doubt and just follow the below steps;

Example1: Standard scan

In this example let’s do a standard scan,

goofile -d -f pdf
goofile command

Example2: File type

searching for other file types like word and so on even you could also search for excel while searching for excel you could also get the company data and one could manipulate it

goofile -d -f txt
searching for other type files in goofile

Example3: Specify keyword

Let’s search for specific keyword files on the target

goofile -d -f pdf -q google
command of the tool


According to my knowledge, I love tools and the alternative for this tool is goofu which means you could manually search on the google but If you are kind of lazy go with goo-file.


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