L0phtcrack Full Tutorial for beginners | Updated 2024


In this post, You will learn what is L0phtcrack and how it works and also we are going to use the tool.

To download L0phtcrack [Click here]

Do you know ????

L0phtcrack was one of the powerful password cracking tools in the late ’90s. Every cybersecurity professionals and even the Black hats know about the tool.


What is L0phtcrack ❓

L0phtcrack is one of the powerful password cracking tools and even today the tool is very effective.

The tool was originally developed by Mudge from L0pht Heavy Industries.

The tool is very powerful that even the blackhats used the tool and there is a leak that the NSA had also used the L0phtcrack.


The L0phtcrack tool is so, Powerful because of the password cracking methods, The tool uses dictionaries, brute-force, hybrid attacks, and rainbow tables.

????According to me L0phtcrcak is very powerful that even it competes with the john and ophcrack.

To learn how to use Ophcrack [Click here]

To learn how to use John the ripper [Click here]

How to use L0phtcrack

Compared to other password cracking tools L0phtcrack is pretty much very easy to use the reason is the tool is in GUI format.

The interface looks like this and there are three options to start with they are;

  • Auditing Password
  • Start New session
  • Open an existing session

The auditing password is used to find your own system passwords. Whereas the new session is like creating a new project.

On the left side menu, we can see options called Accounts, Import, Audit and we will be using only these three options most of the time.

In the accounts we could see all information basically it is like a dashboard.


Import section is where we import hash and start to crack and finally, the audit is where we do some configuration.

Cracking password in L0phtcrack

I am going to crack the windows 11 password in L0phtcrack here is how to do it and follow similar steps to crack other OS passwords also…

Just go to the import section and choose the type of file you wanna crack I have chosen the local SAM file.

Now, click run import immediately.

Now, you will be redirected to the dashboard that is the accounts and we can see all the hash have been imported.

Let’s go to the audit and choose the way to crack the hash, I will be choosing a dictionary-based attack.

Now, Click run audit Immediately.

As soon as you click run audit you will be redirected to the accounts dashboard and you can see your windows password is cracked.


In summary, L0phtcrack is one of the best windows password cracking tools. Go and work with the tool. If you have any doubt comment down below or watch the video format of the post.

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