Kioptrix level 4

KIOPTRIX: LEVEL 4 [Vulnhub] | Full Tutorial | Updated [2024]


In this post, You will learn how to CTF the kioptrix level 4, and I hope you will be able to CTF the box if you got struck in between or need any help, comment down below.

To download kioptrix Level 4 [Click here]

Kioptrix Level 4 Walkthrough

Finding target IP
Network scanning (Nmap)
Directory brute-force (dirb)
Connecting to target
SUID Privilege escalation
Get root access and capture the flag

Finding target IP

To find the target IP I will just enter arp-scan -l

Nmap scan

Let’s find the target Service version & OS

nmap -A <target IP>

nmap -A

We can find the port 80 is open, let’s find the possible directory’s.


Using the dirb tool, let’s do directory busting and let’s try to connect using the port 80

dirb -w /home/osboxes/kioptrix4.txt

dirb <target> -w <file list>

-w: Scan anyway even if it is listenable

I have found two directory john and images, Let’s enumerate john


Move to this url

Let’s click on john.php

Username: john

Password: ‘ or 1=1 #

Connecting to the target

Let’s connect to the target using ssh (port 22), Now, we knew the password of john and let’s enter that password

Username: john

Password: MyNameIsJohn

Privilege escalation

Now, we have the john account, but we need to access the root

echo os.system(‘/bin/bash’)

cd /var/www


cat checklogin.php

We can see the root is not having password, let’s connect to the root.

mysql -u root -p


The kioptrix level 4 is very easy and out of 10 I will give 3 as the difficulty rating and I have made a full series on kioptrix, check it out in CTF menu.

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