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Metasploit Modules Explained | Lesson 3


In this post, You will learn what is Modules in Metasploit and you will learn the different types of Modules.

If you haven’t read Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 of Metasploit [click here]


Metasploit Modules

There are 7 Modules in Metasploit they are;


To see the branch of Metasploit Modules [click here]

Modules are the important sections and most of the time you will be spending time in modules only.

You can find the Metasploit Modules in this location  /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/ 

root@kali:~# ls /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/
auxiliary  encoders  exploits  nops  payloads  post
Metasploit Modules
Metasploit Modules

Auxilary Module

The Auxiliary modules include port scanners, fuzzers, sniffers, parser, server, admin access and much more.

root@kali:~# ls /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/auxiliary/
admin    client   dos         gather  scanner  spoof  vsploit
analyze  crawler  example.rb  parser  server   sqli
bnat     docx     fuzzers     pdf     sniffer  voip


Encoders make sure the payloads make it to their destination. Here we can find the languages and much more.

root@kali:~# ls /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/encoders/
cmd  generic  mipsbe  mipsle  php  ppc  ruby  sparc  x64  x86


The evasion/windows directory is recently added to the Modules, Here we can find the modules to evade the windows system.

└─# ls
applocker_evasion_install_util.rb      applocker_evasion_regasm_regsvcs.rb     windows_defender_exe.rb
applocker_evasion_msbuild.rb           applocker_evasion_workflow_compiler.rb  windows_defender_js_hta.rb
applocker_evasion_presentationhost.rb  process_herpaderping.rb


Exploits are nothing but which use the payloads and exploit the target.

root@kali:~# ls /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/exploits/
aix        bsdi        firefox  irix       multi    solaris
android    dialup      freebsd  linux      netware  unix
apple_ios  example.rb  hpux     mainframe  osx      windows


The Nops Modules keep the size of the payload at the same size throughout the exploitation.

root@kali:~# ls /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/nops/
aarch64  armle  mipsbe  php  ppc  sparc  tty  x64  x86


The payloads are consist of codes that run remotely.

root@kali:~# ls /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/payloads/
singles  stagers  stages


The Post modules contain Post exploitation modules that can be used on compromised targets.

└─# ls
aix  android  apple_ios  bsd  firefox  hardware  linux  multi  networking  osx  solaris  windows


In the next lesson let’s learn about the Metasploit fundamentals. This is just the basics of Metasploit Modules. Let’s dive deeper into Metasploit modules in later Lessons.

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