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MSFCLI Full Tutorial | Lesson 4


In this post, You will learn the different fundamentals of Metasploit how to work with it and much more.

If you did’t read Lesson 1 to Lesson 3 [Click here]

In the Metasploit Fundamentals, we will be talking about;

Msfconsole commands

In this post, I will be explaining why we use MSFCLI and every other topic will be explained in a separate post.


You have guessed it!

The MSFCLI stand for Metasploit Framework Command Line Interface. Here after we can’t use MSFCLI because the Rapid 7 has stopped that version.

Instead of MSFCLI we got the MSFCONSOLE.

We can also run Metasploit in GUI format using the third part application. In a later Lesson’s let’s learn more about GUI Metasploit.

root@kali:~# msfcli -h
Usage: /usr/bin/msfcli<option=value> [mode]

    Mode           Description
    ----           -----------
    (A)dvanced     Show available advanced options for this module
    (AC)tions      Show available actions for this auxiliary module
    (C)heck        Run the check routine of the selected module
    (E)xecute      Execute the selected module
    (H)elp         You're looking at it baby!
    (I)DS Evasion  Show available ids evasion options for this module
    (O)ptions      Show available options for this module
    (P)ayloads     Show available payloads for this module
    (S)ummary      Show information about this module
    (T)argets      Show available targets for this exploit module

msfcli multi/handler payload=windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost=IP E
msfcli auxiliary/scanner/http/http_version rhosts=IP encoder= post= nop= E

Advantages of MSFCLI

  • Supports the launching of exploits and auxiliary modules
  • Useful for specific tasks
  • Good for learning
  • Convenient to use when testing or developing a new exploit
  • A good tool for one-off exploitation
  • Excellent if you know exactly which exploit and options you need
  • Wonderful for use in scripts and basic automation

Disadvantages of MSFCLI

The only disadvantage in MSFCLI is that it can only support one shell at a time. Compared to MSFCONSOLE the MSFCLI is difficult to use.

Difference between MSFCLI Vs MSFConsole

The differnce between MSFCLI & MSFConsole is the user interactions and can only handle one shell at a time.

Reference: No more MSFCLI from Rapid7

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