Top 9 Ransomware Attack in Real life


In this post, you will learn about 9 Popular Ransomware attacks in real life and If you knew something about ransomware, leave a comment below. I have already written a post on what is Ransomware to read [Click here].

Top 9 Ransomware Attacks


Locky is a Ransomware attack. This is one of the first attacks of 2016, and it is an organized cyberattack. This particular ransomware malware was spread through Word doc, which contains malicious macros. This attack was spreader through spam mails. Therefore, This attack was taking place because of untrained employees.

Once the user clicks on the doc, then it says “Enable macro if data encoding is correct”. Now the user clicks on the link, then it starts to encrypt the files which match the extensions.

Locky ransomware attack in 2016


And then ask the user to download TOR and go to an instruction link page, and the link asked for 1 bitcoin to decrypt the files.

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Wanna cry

Wanna cry would be one of the biggest ransomware attacks in history. This attack was firstly found in 2017 and spread almost to 150 countries. The malware was designed to exploit the security vulnerability in widows, which was created by NSA and the cybercrime group did this attack is named shadow broker.

Shadow Brokers hacking group presence was very active before this attack. According to Kaspersky. More than 2lakh computers were affected because of wanna cry ransomware.

Wanna cry ransomware attack at 2017


The shadow brokers or Lazarus group encrypted files and demanded for ransom in bitcoins. In this attack, mostly the cybercriminals targeted hospitals. 92 million pounds would be pay to the hackers from only the hospital attacks. The wanna cry approximate worldwide damage cost was 4 Billion.

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Bad Rabbit – Ransomware attack

Bad Rabbit ransomware attack also took place in the year 2017, This ransomware attack spread through drive-by attacks. Cybercriminals injecting malicious software into a site. And users visit the site, they would be infiltrated by malware. This ransomware installs fake Adobe flash and does the attacks.

Bad rabbit attack at 2017

Ryuk – Ransomware attack

This ransomware attack was first noticed in Aug 2018. And the first suspect here is a North Korean organization. And it is suspected of two or more Russian criminal organizations have done the attack. Most of the attack was towards business and schools. This ransomware attacks would seem to be a personal or targeted attack, the hacker group just want the ransom.

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Shade or Troldesh

Shade or Troldesh ransomware attack first noticed in 2015. And this malware was spreader through phishing. The favourite part here, the Troldesh hacker group communicated directly to victims. And who is cooperating to the organization they gave a discount.

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Jig Shaw

Jig Shaw was a ransomware attack. The name jig Shaw kept after a movie name. This attack found at 2016. And these cybercriminals deleted each file for unpaid ransom for every hour. In addition, the visuals were very frightening. This is also one of the dangerous ransomware attacks.

Jig Shaw at 2016


CryptoLocker – Ransomware attack

It is one of the oldest ransomware attacks, which found in 2007 and the malware spreader through phishing attacks. This ransomware encrypted 5lakh computers and law enforcement seized a worldwide network of encrypted computers.

Bitcoin attack or cryptolocker

As a result, when the user clicks, it redirects to an online portal and demands for crypto to unlock the portal.

Petya ransomware attack

Petya attack, founded in 2016 and this malware encrypts full hard disk. Did by encrypting the Master file table (MFT). This ransomware spread through fake applications that contain a malicious link. Another updated variant is Petya 2.0 or also called GoldenEye.

Golden Eye

This GoldenEye ransomware was first found in 2017 and also called Wanna cry’s sibling. This attack targeted banks and several pipelines. And more than 2000 systems are encrypted during this attack.

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