Topology HTB Walkthrough


Today I will go through HTB Topology machine . It’s easy level machine by HTB .



As always two ports are open Port 22 & 80 .


Subdomain Enumeration

By visiting the site we can see that the domain is topology.htb .

After viewing source code I found another subdomain i.e. latex.topology.htb .

found two more subdomains dev , stats

Add it to /etc/hosts file

Web Enumeration

dev.topology.htb requires authorization . Let’s visit latex.topology.htb

I see possibility of latex injection here


There are two ways and easiest one is to read the .htapasswd file from dev dir

I will use the easy one………..If you are intrested in learning other method you can DM me .

Now we have to read file using Latex injection


This will give the hash for the user

You can extract the text from the image and crack it using hashcat ………



After cracking that hash you can log in as vdaisley using ssh


The cracked hash is calculus20


Priv esc is pretty interesting

I found gnuplot in /opt directory which has write and execute permission

After few min I ran PSPY and found there is one process is running and executing .plt files in the directory as a root 🙂

//Run this cmd
echo 'system "chmod u+s /bin/bash"' > /opt/gnuplot/privesc.plt

After running this cmd Wait for few min and then run /bin/bash -p to get root

This was very easy machine

Hope you enjoyed my writeup 🙂


Overall this is a good machine . I would like to rate 4/10 compared to easy level

Jai Shree Krishna ❤️

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