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Types of hackers, Explained by a Hacker | updated 2024


In this post, you will learn the 10 different types of hackers and what they do and below is the video format of the post, check it out ????????


Types of hackers

There are 10 different types of hackers they are;

  1. Script kiddies/Skiddies
  2. White hat
  3. Black hat
  4. Gray hat
  5. Blue hat
  6. Red hat
  7. Hacktivist
  8. State-sponsored hacker
  9. Cyber terrorist
  10. Suicide hacker

Script kiddies/Skiddies

The Script Kiddies are amateurs, they don’t have a deeper knowledge of what they are doing. In simple script kiddies or skiddies watches a bunch of youtube videos or read blogs and do amateur hacking.

types of hacker

The script kiddies try to hack a target using the script the fellow hacker got and they don’t know what is in the script or they will not have even basic knowledge of what is the script.

Though these script kiddies/skiddies compromise the system, They don’t know how they compromised. They will not give a proper reason why they can’t compromise other systems or why they compromised a set of computers.

In my words, script kiddies/skiddies are someone new to the cybersecurity field who tries to learn to hack.

White hat hacker

A white hacker is a professional hacker, he/she know what they are doing exactly. The white hat hackers are an authorized person and they will have a certified ethical hacker certificate.

types of hackers

These hackers work for the government or a company and without permission, they don’t compromise any system.

In simple white hats, hackers hack the system with the user’s permission and they know very well what exactly they are doing.

The white-hat hacker works according to the government rules and regulations, the white-hat hacker is also called an Ethical hacker.

Black hat hacker

Black hat hacker also has knowledge of white hat hacker but these black hat hackers have wrong intentions.

types of hackers

The black hat hacker hacks into the system without authorization, and they don’t follow any government rules and regulations.

Most of the black-hat hacker’s intention is to steal money. If these hackers didn’t get any money then they sell the data they have got.

Gray hat hackers

The grey hat hackers have the same knowledge as the black and white hat and these grey hat hackers are placed in between white hat and black hat hackers.

types of hacker

In simple grey hat hackers, in the morning they work for an authorized company and evening they work for mafias.

According to my thinking, grey hat hackers are having more knowledge compared to white hats and black hats. These grey hack hackers manage to work in an authorized company and also with mafias.

These hackers know very well about the inside and the outside world. These grey hat hackers are like walter white. Very dangerous ????

Blue hat hackers

Blue hat hackers are similar to script hackers. The intention of the blue hat hacker is to gain popularity among their fellow hackers.

types of hackers

Generally, these blue hat hackers don’t have a deeper knowledge of what they are doing but they are intentions are very dangerous.

Most of the blue hat hackers intention is to hack their friend’s phone or social media and create popularity for them ????

Red hat hackers

The red-hat hackers are very anonymous and these red-hat hackers stop the black hat hackers. The red hat is similar to the white hat but the red hat hackers are not following any government rules and regulations while stoping a black hat hacker.

types of hacker

Sometimes these red-hat hackers are very ruthless while stopping the black-hat hackers.


Hacktivist is a hacker whose intent is to hack government-related sites and networks. And these guys say themselves as activists so, they are called hacktivists.

types of hackers

In simple, hacktivists can be individuals or groups of hackers whose intention is to hack government networks and take that as a political advantage.

Hacktivists can also be against a government rule so, to protect themselves and their people they use hacking as a tool.

State or Government-sponsored hackers

State or government-sponsored hackers are those who are appointed by the government as a hacker to hack other countries data is called government-sponsored cyber attacks.

types of hacker

There are many examples in the history of government-sponsored cyber-attack and my favourite is the Stuxnet.

Cyber terrorist

The Cyber terrorists are the people who are working for a particular terrorist organisation to destroy or capture other countries.

types of hackers

Cyber terrorists are very very dangerous, these cyber-terrorist only motive is to capture or destroy the country. Here is where the cyber counterattacks come.

The cyber-terrorist is very highly skilled.

Sucide hackers

The suicide hackers intention is to burn the world and laugh at them. Yes, the suicide hackers ultimate motive is to destroy the internet and watch it.

types of hackers

There will be no reason why they are doing this and I am sure that they are psychologically ill and these guys are highly dangerous to society.

These suicide hackers are not afraid of their death and they do whatever they think.


In summary, there are 10 different types of hackers and there is also video format of the post, check it out.

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Reference: JigSaw academy

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