unix-privesc-check: Full vulnerability analysis tutorial for beginners


In this post, you will learn what is unix-privesc-check and the commands available and also below is the video format of the post do check it out. If you have any doubt please comment down below and I will help you out.


What is unix-privesc-check ❓

unix-privesc-check is a vulnerability analysis tool available for Linux only and this tool has simply only two commands, you will see that later below.

The tool tries to find corrupt files that could allow local unprivileged users to escalate privileges to other users or to access local apps. I hope you understood, the example will be database

It can run either as a normal user or as a root.

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Who developed the tool

The tool was developed by the company called pentest monkey, yes this tool is written by an org and I really like their stuff. Below is the link to download the tool and the tool guide…

Features the unix-privesc-check tool got

  1. Security patching
  2. Cracking passwords to check for weak ones
  3. IP Stack configuration
  4. Weak file permissions
  5. Configuration of local applications
  6. Other best-practise stuff


Useful commands in unix-privesc-check tool

–help: Shows help commands of the tool

standard: Standard scan on the internal target

detailed: Detailed scan of the target

How to use the unix-privesc-check tool

To use the tool just follow the below examples and I am sure by end of this post you will be familiar with the tool.

Example1: Standard scan

Doing a standard scan using the tool, just enter this following command

unix-privesc-check standard 
standard scan

Example2: Detailed scan

In this example let’s see how to do a detailed scan

unix-privesc-check detailed 

Example3: Save output

Let’s save the result in a .txt format

unix-privesc-check standard > file.txt 

Instead of standard, you can add detailed



Finally, according to my knowledge, this is an awesome tool and some alternative for the tool is lynis and I have already written a blog post on lynis do check it out ????


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