Wappalyzer: What is? Full Tutorial from Noob to Pro❓


In this post, you will learn what is wappalyzer and how to gather information using wappalyzer and just follow me on youtube and do check the video format of this post. If you didn’t like my voice then Fu©k off he/her. Just kidding ????.


What is Wappalyzer?

Wappalyzer is a browser extension and supports all browsers, I wanted to talk about this tool because this tool is very much helpful while gathering information about the target.

Initially, this tool is used to gather information regarding the market side but later the browser extension is widely used by hackers and also those who wanted to gather information related to the plugins, scripts, languages used in target then go for this extension.

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Who developed the wappalyzer tool

I searched for the author of the tool and he has the profile, seems he is very introverted and the 90’s guy. I have given the link to the website and also the author’s personal site. And the developer’s name is Elbert Alias.

How does the wappalyzer tool work

The wappalyzer tool works very simply just follow my steps, As Iam pro 😌 okay just follow the steps 👇🏾


Step1: Visit Wappalyzer

Type wappalyzer and click on the first site ????

wappalyzer step 1

Step2: Enter the site name

Enter the target in the search option and you will get a list of scripts and the plugins used

step2 in the wappalyzer

Step3: Result

Now if you enter the target and you could see the results like this ????

finally the last step


Step1: Download Extension

Go to downloads and find the browser you are using and click on it and install the extension okay ????????

Step2: View Result

In step2 go to the target and click on the wappalyzer extension and you could everything the site runs.


This is the best extension o find the target’s whatever the hell it runs. Okay according to me as a cyber security person I use this tool often to find what plugins to install. But not use for ethical hacking but it is useful for hacking.


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