What is spyware exactly? How does a spyware work

What is spyware exactly? How does spyware work!


In this post, you will learn what is spyware and its types and most importantly you will learn how does spyware work. I have already written a post on different types of malware to read [Click here].

What is a Spyware?

Spyware stands for spying software. Spyware is malicious software designed to monitor the personal data’s of a user. This is one of the most common types of malware. The aim of the cybercriminal will be to steal or monitor your data. Once spy ware enters into a device, the cybercriminals track internet activity, track login credentials or spy your personal data.

If the cybercriminal didn’t get any login credentials, he/she may sell your internet activity data to an Ad company. The cybercriminals general goal using spy ware is to steal credit card information, banking info and social media passwords.

If spy ware is injected into your computer you could find it easily by the data usage, if the malware is injected into your mobile you can also find it by data usage and battery consumption. Mostly spy ware malware is detectable by Anti-malware itself.

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How does Spyware work?

A spyware can enter into any device and can enter into any OS(operating system) but how does a spy ware enter into user’s device.

Spyware - just kidding

There are four common ways a spyware can enter into a user’s device;

  1. Visiting a malware injected trusted site.
  2. Clicking unwanted pop-ups and links.
  3. Downloading pirated applications, movies, books etc.,
  4. Opening a mail from an unknown person.

Once the spy ware enters into a device, it starts to run in the background of the device. And the spyware slowly takes over the device RAM and processor speed and starts to display unlimited pop-ups ads which will slow down your device and result in close the program.

When you click on one of the pop-ups, you may redirect to NSFW sites and there is a lot of chance to get another malware.

It’s really easy to find spyware is injected or not. If you doubt close all the task and go to your task manager and find a program runs in your RAM, then it is most probably a malware. Even if you give the end task but still the program run, then it’s definitely malware.

The spyware can also modify your system firewall so, the cybercriminal can easily do a DoS attack.

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Types of Spyware

There are four common type of spyware;

  • Trojan horse
  • Keystroke logging
  • Adware
  • Browser hijacking

Trojan horse – This particular malware can encrypt a file and deny for ransom and this is one of the dangerous threats in spyware. Trojan malware can enter into a device as official software.

Keystroke logging or keylogger – This is also a type of spy malware, this keylogger can monitor users keystrokes to steal users login credentials.

AdwareAdware is also a type of malware and also spyware. Adware can steal users internet activity and forces users to click on the pop-ups. The Adware generally tracks activity and cookies and mostly cybercriminals sell these data in dark-web for a dollar.

Browser hijacking – This also a type of spyware, which hijacks your web browser and changes web home pages and setting and steal your information from the browser extensions.

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In summary, the best prevention of Spyware is to enable 2FA and to add an Anti-malware security and most importantly don’t click any unwanted link and download.

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