What is a Trojan Horse? It's types and how Trojan works!

What is a Trojan Horse? It’s types and how Trojan works!


In this post, you will learn what is a Trojan horse, and it’s types and how they work. In addition, I will share my best methods to prevent from Trojan Malware.

What is Trojan?

Trojan or Trojan horse is a type of malicious software or malware created by cybercriminals to access user device. As many names in IT has originated from wars and even this Trojan term is originated from a Greek war. Therefore, Trojan is not similar to other malware because it can gain backdoor access.

Trojan enters into a device by tricking. The Trojan malware or the piece of code may hide inside any Trusted Application.

Cybercriminals use Trojan horse attacks because of Six major reason;

  1. Gain back backdoor access of device
  2. To record keystrokes and to steal users login credential
  3. Download another malicious software
  4. Encrypts user’s personal data and ask crypto
  5. Can also act as spyware
  6. Turn the computer into zombie computer and make the device involve in DDoS attack and other illegal activity.

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How Exactly Trojan Horse works!

Firstly, let’s see how Trojan horse enters into a device.

What is Trojan - Explained

There are many ways a Trojan can enter into a device, the first method is phishing. The Trojan may hide inside any mail attachment. The second is through unwanted downloads, and in many cases the Trojan will trick you. It forces you to click on the pop-ups to appear. And sometimes it says we have found a threat while scanning please click here to clear them and this method is called “Scare ware”.

Okay , Now you know how a Trojan enters. Lets how the Trojan works after entering into device.

As I said before, Trojans trick users and enter through trusted App, they may contain any piece of malicious code. Therefore, Trojans are used as host as they can transfer any type of Malware. Once the Trojan enters, it does the works as intended by the Cybercriminal. After it enters, the cybercriminal may infiltrate core Malware.

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Types of Trojans Horse

There are 15 Most common types of Trojans;

  1. Trojan IM
  2. Trojan Banker
  3. SMS Trojan
  4. Rootkit Trojan
  5. Remote Access Trojan
  6. Ransom Trojan
  7. Mail finder Trojan
  8. Info stealer Trojan
  9. Game-thief Trojan
  10. Fake-AV Trojan
  11. Downloader Trojan
  12. DDoS Trojan
  13. Backdoor Trojan
  14. Exploit
  15. Clampi Trojan

The 15 Most Common Type of Trojan horse

Trojan IM – This type of Trojan targets your DM messages and steal your messages. And this method is very similar to spyware.

Trojan Banker – Trojan banker or Banker Trojan. This type of Trojan is designed to steal Online Banking details, and steal your E-Payment or credit card information.

SMS Trojan – This SMS Trojan sends continuous text messages to random premier number and make you pay the bill.

Rootkit Trojan – This type of Trojan attacks your Kernel and take over the computer and may remain silent and collect your data. And this Rootkit Trojan can alter your OS Codes and can infiltrate a malicious codes directly into OS(operating system).

Remote Access Trojan – This type of Trojan is mostly used for spying. This Trojan allows taking over the device using a Remote Network connection.

Ransom Trojan – As I said at the beginning, some Trojan can encrypt data and denies for Ransom. And this is one of that type.

Mail Finder Trojan – This type Trojan can gain full access to your mail and can send mass mails and can spam.

Info stealer Trojan – This type Trojan once enters into a device keeps idol collects all the personal data and remains silent and untraceable.

Game thief, Trojan – This type of Trojan is specifically designed to steal login details from Online games.

Fake AV – Trojan – This particular Trojan is designed to act like Anti-virus. But they are not. And ask ransom to clear the fake threat.

Downloader Trojan – This type of Trojan is designed to download a new Version of Malware. Neither download an update of existing Malware.

DDoS Trojan – This program involves the infected computer in DDoS Attack.

Backdoor Trojan – This Trojan creates a backdoor on users computer and allows third-party and hackers to access your data.

Exploit – This type of Trojan can cause severe Vulnerability to Applications.

Clampi Trojan – This program creates a fake login credential and waits for the user to enter the login detail.

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