Basic Linux Commands for Hackers | Part 2


In this post, You will learn basic Linux commands. You can start your hacking journey from here.


Let’s start ????

If you have any doubts you can watch the video above or you can ask questions in discord I have given my twitter profile link so you can ask there. ????????

More powerful search

The find command is the most powerful and flexible utility to find files and directories. Here is how the find command works.

find/➊ -typef➋ -nameapache2➌

First I state the directory in which to start the search, in this case,/➊. Then I specify
which type of file to search for, in this case for an ordinary file ➋. Last, I give the name
of the file I’m searching for, in this case, apache2➌.

Filter Using grep

To filter and view specific parts you can use the grep command. For example, take a look at the below command.

ps aux | grep vpn or 
ps aux | grep <service name or file name> 

Creating a file

To create a file we can use cat > and here is an example for you guys.

cat > file.txt

Once you have entered content inside a file you can give ctrl + c to save the file.

Opening a file

To open a file you can use the cat command and the filename.

cat file.txt
cat <file name> 

Adding content to a file

To add any content to a file we can use the append followed by the file name.

cat >> file.txt

Creating a file using touch

We can also create a file using the touch utility like this ????????

touch <file name> 
touch touchfile.txt

Creating a directory

To create a directory you can use the mkdir command followed by directory name.

mkdir newdir

To navigate to that directory you can use the cd command like below.

cd newdir

Copy File

To copy a file cp command is used followed by file name and the directory where the file need to copied.

cp <file name> <directory> or 
cp file.txt newdir

Move file

To move a file instead of copying you can use the mv command like below.

mv file.txt newdir

Remove a file

To remove a file rm command is used followed by the file name.

rm <file name> 
rm file.txt

Remove directory

The rmdir command followed by the directory name is used to remove the directory. If the directory contains files in then rm -rf command is used to remove the directory.

rmdir newdir 
rm -rf newdir


It’s not over. Learn the other parts to become a better hacker I have covered basic commands over here.

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