basic linux commands part 5

Basic Linux Commands for Hackers | Part 5


In this post, Let’s see how to add and remove software in Linux. This is going to be really very helpful.

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Searching for a package

Using apt (advanced packaging tool) we can manage the software in kali linux or in any distribution.

For instance, searching for packages using apt.

apt-cache search aircrak-ng

Install Software

For any software in Linux, we can use the utility apt-get, But before we download software we should make sure that we have updated the OS and made the upgrade.

sudo apt-get install <package name> 
sudo apt-get install armitage

Remove Software

To remove any software you can use the below command…

sudo apt-get remove <package name> 
sudo apt-get remove armitage

Updating Packages

To update packages in Linux we can use the below command…

sudo apt-get update

Upgrade Package

To upgrade the package to latest and unstable version we can use the below command but I suggest you to not do this.

sudo apt-get upgrade

View Source.list

We can add multiple repositories inside the file, So the next time if we update and upgrade it will be updated or upgraded from the source.lst

We can also add a repository package inside the source.list, The repository packages are divided into 5 types they are;

cat /etc/apt/sources.list
  • main Contains supported open source software
  • universe Contains community­maintained open source software
  • multiverse Contains software
  • restricted by copyright or other legal issues restricted Contains proprietary device drivers
  • backports Contains packages from later releases

GUI Package manager

Synaptic is GUI format package manager and to download it you can just use the below command.

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Once installed just type synaptic on terminal to open the package manager.

Installing Softwares with git

To install any software using git you can use the following syntax. git followed by the software URL.

git clone <software url>
git clone


In this chapter, you learned a few of the many ways to download and install new software on your Linux system. Software package managers (like apt), GUI­based installers, and git clones are the most common and crucial methods for an aspiring hacker to know.

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