Basic Linux Commands for Hackers | Part 9


In this post, let’s learn about compressing and archiving. In the previous post, You must have learnt about the bash script you like it ❤️

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Extracting the files

To extract the files we can use the tar -cvf command and the tar utility. Notice the tar is used to extract only from the tar encoded files.

In simple words the tar is a utility to archive files together in Linux and also it is used to unarchive.

tar -cvf rick.tar pass.txt web_shell.php

Now we have compressed the file pass.txt and web_shell.php in the rick.tar

To view the files in a tar file, You can use the below command ????????

tar -tvf rick.tar 

To extract the file from tar file you can use the below command.

tar -xvf rick.tar 

Compressing Files

To compress the files we can use the below ones against the tar archive.

  1. bzip
  2. gzip
  3. compress
bzip pass.txt
bunzip pass.txt

Above is the command for bzip

gzip pass.txt
gunzip pass.txt

Above is the command for gzip

compress pass.txt
uncompress pass.txt


Hope you learn something related to compressing and archiving which should be really helpful for you ❤️

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