What blue team do in IT exactly

What Blue Team do in IT exactly – Explained


In this post, you will learn what is Blueteam and what they do Exactly. I have already written a post on what is Blue Team and Red Team and also Purple Team to Read[Click here].

What is Blue Team?

Blue Team

A group of people defending cyberattacks and monitoring the systems on regular basis are called Blueteam. The Blue Team gets the vulnerability reports from the Redteam and the Blueteam members should think of a defence strategy for the vulnerability and execute the strategies.

The Blueteam defence strategies such as;

  1. Continueous monitoring network, system, device.
  2. Continueously collecting their organisation/company Network data and save it.
  3. Analysie the collected dat.

After the above measures, the blueteam should able to know what is the vulnerability and what measure to take at that place.

The Blueteam members also do some extra works such as;

  1. Check the firewall rules and if there is proble they can detect or replace it.
  2. Ensuing the softwares are up-to-date.
  3. Check the IDS and IPS sensors, if there is any problem they should detect them and also they should do continuous monitoring.
  4. Conducting a DDoS Attack.

In Addition, The Blueteam should also ensure other employees in the company are having knowledge about the new social engineering and phishing attacks.

If the company employees are not clear or don’t know about the new cyberattacks and phishing attacks the Blueteam should go and give them a lecture on the new cyberattack.

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Purple Team

A group of people who intermediates between the Red and Blue Team. In other words, I can say a group of people from Red and Blue Teams have formed a purple team. The Red Team members will not share the secrete of how they did the cyber attack and the Blue Team will not share how they increased the cybersecurity strategies. So, the purple teams enter and gather the information from Red Team and give a report to the Blue Team.

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