Who are Red Team in IT and what exactly they do


Red Team: In this post, you will learn what is Redteam and what they do exactly in cybersecurity. I have already written a post, on the Difference between the Red, Blue and Purple teams to Read [Click here].

Who are Red Team?

A group of people doing penetration attacks, vulnerability testing, and all other cyberattacks legally in an organisation or company are called Redteam.

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How the Red Team works!

Red Team

The general work given to Redteam is to do cyberattacks on their own company systems. Many companies don’t have the Redteam or the blue team. The companies just hire an Ethical hacker, that’s it. In today’s world, it is very much necessary to hire a Redteam member.

You may argue hiring an Ethical hacker is enough? But if you asked cyber experts, they say “if a company hire an Ethical Hacker, what reason they hire him/her for” Can the hiring person can do every works. Absolutely not.

So, In recent times you could see the job availability for the redteam separately. Hiring a redteam member can strong the companies cybersecurity defence strategies.

The redteam members do all kinds of cyberattacks and mainly the popular malware attack at the time and most commonly the Redteam perform attacks such as;

  1. Phishing, Malware Attack
  2. Social Engineering Attack.
  3. Targeted Attack.
  4. Crypto and Ransomware Attack.
  5. Penetration and Vulnerability etc.,

In addition, the Red Team members do some Internal reconnaissance attacks using hacking tools such as;

  1. Nmap
  2. ZMap
  3. Metasploit
  4. John the ripper
  5. THC Hydra
  6. Wireshark
  7. Aircrack – ng
  8. Kismet
  9. Nikto
  10. Cain and Abel

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what will happen if the Red Team does these attacks;

Once the Red Team does the cyberattack on the organisation network and they would definitely find some loopholes and this vulnerability will be sent to the Blue team and they should patch the vulnerability.

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